Cashmere Pink Sweater and Military Socks from KrakME

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Jesus Christ I am barely in my fifth day of training at the new job and I already feel like a lobotomized potato. Seriously, all these technical thingies are as foreign to me as healthy living. If you think this is a white girl’s problem you’d be totally right, but it is important to complain, it banishes the Satan out of you. Try it sometime!

I literally don’t even know what questions to ask, because I don’t know what I don’t know and if I know something, do I know it correctly, or have I just understood it wrong.. .  . . .. . . . .*note, this was me typing dots, cause anxiety*
On the upside though, I met a lot of cool people, but giving my ability to repel other human beings like mosquito repellent I figure this won’t last long. And now you see the not positive person in her natural habitat, she is confused and certain something behind the bush will be waiting for a kill.
Despite all of this endeavors at least I am learning something new each day, so yay, if you’re into those things?!

But hey, life isn’t just work, it’s also clothes you can buy with your work money. And then you can go home happily and take some shots for the blogsie! See I managed to think of something positive, give me a cookie.

Today’s post is dedicated to the other pair of socksies I bought from Krakme.

I styled them this time a little differently with velvet pumps and a cashmere sweater. If you think I have money for cashmere, you’d be mistaken. This was bought from Frea another one of my favorite second hand shops. At first it was my sister’s, but then I snatched it like a proper sister would do and now it is mine. 

These photos were taken before the snowstorm hit us again and before some asshole snatched the car’s rear-side mirror and we basically almost got killed trying to reach work. It was super warm and springy for a couple of days, we now have snow again and only the dog is excited about it. 

Jeans and cashmere sweater – Second hand, Pink military socks – Krakme
Do you guys likey? Have you ever worked something that is extremely foreign and difficult for you? 
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2 thoughts on “Cashmere Pink Sweater and Military Socks from KrakME”

  1. I know snow at this time of year, crazy ha? but at least the dog is happy:). He can blend it easily now:).

    I do love this outfit. The socks and the shoes are such an unexpected but still a sweet combo. Lovely blue jeans and pink sweater combo!

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