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Yaaay, it’s finally Summer! Wait..nope, false alarm!… Scratch that, it’s Summer!…Nope..gone again! Wait…what…Summer? No? Yes? What the hell is happening with this world!
Indeed! I’ve been feeling slightly confused by the weather lately. One day it’s hot and I’m happy to expose a squishy thigh, the next day it’s raining hail and I can’t wear anything except my survival backpack and combat boots. These photos were taken on a somewhat warm, but not warm enough day for prancing around in my underwear! Sigh…

The camel trench coat is from Frontrowshop yet again (hence the title), and I love it to death! I’ve always loved vintage, masculine oversize coats. My boyfriend says I look like an exhibitionist with it, but I personally think this is an essential for every wardrobe. 
I rolled up the sleeves, because I’m a freak who thinks everything looks better with rolled up sleeves.  I styled the trench coat with some oxblood leather pants from H&M and the aztec top from Choies

We’re having a very impressive storm right now, so I’m off to grab some potato chips and watch some free TV from the windows! 

Camel trench coat- Frontrowshop, Leather pants- H&M, Aztec top- Choies.
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30 thoughts on “Camel Trench Coat From Frontrowshop”

  1. I always like the colour oxblood… because it just seems kind of sinister. These pants? Oh yeah, they're oxblood.*wiggles fingers* I mean it's also a lovely colour obviously and you look great in them, especially with the kickass boots. 😀

  2. "expose a squishy thigh" has to be my favorite phrase of the week or even month or even ever. 😀 YOU'RE ALWAYS SAYING SUCH PERFECT THINGS. Sorry the weather is being so touchy, but on the bright side at least you get to experiment with all different sorts of layering. I loooove that top underneath your trench!

  3. Love a good trench and your's is fabulous! Love the oversize! It's finally summer here, which means prancing around in underwear is a must…as long as you keep it in the house…with the blinds shut…

  4. This is a great colour combination. The coat looks almost a sort of chamois yellow and it pairs perfectly with oxblood!. The word your boyfriend wants is flasher. A flasher is the dude naked under the trench coat. You should do that at home…but when you go out, go out looking fabulous in oxblood!

  5. We had the same kind of weather here in NYC for a while, which was annoying. But now that it is officially, permanently sweltering, I sort of miss it 😛
    Your pants are too cool!

  6. Hahaha! i always roll up long-sleeves too. Especially if I got the piece from a thrift store. It seem to modernize it. Augh I hate storms, especially tropical storms during the summer because the climate's still warm and very very humid.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  7. As everyone else has said…great colour combination! You're totally not sleazy enough to be a flasher. Love the rolled sleeves. I agree, rolled sleeves looks so casual and yet smart. Hope the storm didn't take out your power! JJ

  8. Hahaha, oh man, I feel like I have that dialogue most days where I live. What will our weather do today? It can't ever make up it's mind!!
    Anyway, a trench coat is certainlhy a stylish response to that confusion 🙂
    Also, LOVE the oxblood pants. So beautiful <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. it's the same over here in Germany. The weather is confusing me too haha!
    I love your outfit so much! The camel coat is soo cool, great combination ♥

  10. Oh, everything is better with rolled up sleeves. That's a lovely trench and that cute top. The weather is shitty over here too, guess Mother Nature is upset. How do we cheer her up? 'coz I need the rains to stop ASAP!

  11. haha, my fiance thinks the same way about such trenches. and well, even I who has had similar pieces in my wardrobe think like that. I just can't help it 😛 but hey, your exhibitionist trench looks lovely next to burgundy and aztec and I like the whole look a lot. oh and luckily our weather got better, what a miracle!!! I hope your storm vanished fast!!!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  12. I feel your pain about the weather, I really do. Lately it seems that I wear shorts one day and need a coat the next! It's too confusing. But at least for coat days, there is the trench – exhibitionist or not, you wear it so well 🙂

  13. Essential oversized coat is right, looks great on you, the pants as well. FrontRow is doing a real good job at their pieces for a pretty reasonable price. I just ordered a light off white coat from them.

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