Bulgarian Bazaar Event + My new addiction: Pirate Fashion

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Few days ago I was a fancy person….I braided my hair fancy, wore my fancy snakeskin shoes and attended a fancy event called Culture Beat Pazar. Culture Beat Pazar is a Bulgarian bazaar, featuring a lot of  young fresh Bulgarian designers, as well as handmade, second hand and vintage pieces. For some this might not be all that fancy, but for a person who spends 98% of her time in an oversize pajama and eats KFC with fingers straight from the bucket, this was a cool way to spend my weekend. I didn’t have money back then, so I decided to suppress my cravings and trembling hands itching to spend my last penny, with taking some photos for you guys. If you’re too busy to look at me glorious photography, scroll down to read about me glorious outfit and new fashion addiction.
Moving on!

The interior was quite the eye catcher and I don’t mean the pretty lights or some other interior crap, but the food and drinks! There was FOOD & DRINKS!

Lights and decor were okay too…..not as exciting as the food though.

Canvas bags. If Putin says “Be Happy” you make damn sure you’re happy!

One of my favorite stands with jewelry from Ogledalce Ogledalce, translated: “Mirror, Mirror”. This lady makes the most delicious looking jewelry from donuts to gummy bears and chocolate blocks…..

Gorgeous handmade accessories for your home from Paladim Handmade. My favorites were the light bulb vases, they make my inner hipster go wild. I try to silence him with good music and unpretentious food, but this light bulb thingy has made him stronger and powerful!

I actually bought me a bulb vase even though I wasn’t supposed to spend any money, the vase just totally won me over, look at it! JUST LOOK AT IT!
Another hipster invention that is very popular here in Bulgaria is decorating rooms with macaroni and pasta. If you have no idea how to decorate your restaurant or store just take a glass jar and stuff it with raw pasta, it’s THE thing this year! The light here is made from macaroni and a strainer. So hipstery my eyes are bleeding!
Awesome sunglasses I wanted to buy, but didn’t because I’m poooooor!

Bathing suits in coffee cups!

Also another favorite is Marta Ceramic. I fell in love with the little teapots, they are looking so Japanese and chubby. I desperately want to buy one and name it Earl! Earl the teapot!

Marta also made these cups. The story behind them is that when you place all of them with the bottoms up, they create the image of Van Gogh you see on the right side here. If you’re reading this, it was awesome talking to you Marta! ^_^

The day wouldn’t be complete without some panties!

If you managed to arrive here, you can release a sigh or relief or terror (whatever floats your boat) because it’s time for the daily outfit people! 

After discovering this lady’s blog a few months ago, I have officially devoted all my energy and fashion love to one thing: scarves on arms. I got the idea from the lady aforementioned and I think she got it from Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City. 

I’d normally run away from everything related to Sex & The City like a cat runs away from a perfectly good soft bed bought especially for her, but this time I couldn’t resist. There is something very piratey about scarves worn like that, and ever since I watched Black Sails it sparked a certain obsession over pirate fashion. I’m planning on doing a lot more Black Sails – Pirate inspired outfits in the future, so bare with me. 
Sooo, what do you guys think? Do you like scarves worn this way? Do you like piratey stuff? 

High Waist Jeans, Shirt & Scarf – Second Hand, Necklace – Indian Point, Snakeskin Shoes – Choies
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14 thoughts on “Bulgarian Bazaar Event + My new addiction: Pirate Fashion”

  1. Love your new hair colour, don't mind the scarf on the arm, definitely must be happy if Putin says so, the knickers are cute & thanks for introducing Ruthie Darling she's great! Not a fan of the pirate look since a particularly funny episode of Seinfeld way back when…..

  2. well, to tell you the truth it's the first time I see a scarf worn like that and I think it goes nicely with that look of yours (I haven't seen it on pirates though). oh and you're wearing my favourite shoes again, yay! plus I love the necklace as well. but I also have to say I really really enjoyed your event description with all those photos and posts like that are very welcome in the future as well. it's always super exciting to discover cool handmade goodies like jewellery, home decor items, food and more. so thumbs up for that interesting review! and yes, your bulb vase looks cool! maybe one day E will make me one. I mean when I finish organizing my wardrobe. I've been doing it for years so far 🙁

    Maiken – Part of me

  3. OH. MAH. GOSH. THOSE GUMMY BEAR NECKLACES. I sort of kind of need one. Like that's just ridiculously cute. And geez, look at you, all hot and well-dressed as usual. Love that braid, Keit. I've missed you so. I have!

    And girl, I promise I am back this time. FOR SURE! I won't be swimming in any money because I'll be swimming in fabric instead. BUWAHAHA!

    Love you.
    Will return ASAP.


  4. Thos donut necklaces are too cool. I think I want a donut necklace for my birthday now. And I'm in for anything called "Pirate Fashion." Love the braids!

  5. I wrote a totally awesome comment but my laptop overheated and it was lost…:-(
    I do like the photos you took , very professional.

    I need that Putin tee just to see if one can be scared into being happy.

    The jewelery made in shape of candy is adorable…you did made me laugh with inserting that homer image.

    I can understand why you bought that bulb vase, it's amazing…so original.

    So many awesome things at this baazar…btw in Croatian we also say ogledalce for small mirrow.

    Your styling is phenomenal…I do like the scarf worn that way…I used to wear hand made things for that area of my hand…I am not sure how to call it, sth I would sew them and somethimes I would use wire.

    Anyhow, I think the pirate feel to your stylish casual look…and those shoes are to die for.

    1. Hey Michelle, not a big fan of the Liebster Award thingy 😀 But you can ask me anything, I'd happily answer all your questions! ^_^

    1. *your. Gah. You know, I had to type this response three times due to technical difficulties (that..and I've had both a rum and coke and a vodka tonic. Don't judge me!). You'd think the third time would have been the charm…

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