Bulgarian Bazaar Event 2nd Edition + Stylemoi Bell Bottoms Outfit

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Well, the weather is hot and sunny again, so I decided to pull down the curtains, put my new colorful second hand shorts on (that btw are swimming shorts, oh the irony) immerse myself in the dark lair that is my apartment, and write an incoherent blog post!
I thought I’d share with you what I wore to the second edition of The Culture Beat Pazar, check out my previous post to learn more about the bazaar! These jazzy leopard bell bottoms are the final piece from my Stylemoi package and I was wondering how to wear them for a good 3 hours, until I thought I’d play it “safe”and throw in everything I love and cross fingers. Hence, I added my favorite kawaii pink fluffy jumper from H&M and my horsy bag. Not gonna lie, when I saw this jumper I had a major girly moment and screamed from the top of my lungs: “OH MA GAHD IS SO FLUFFAAAAAAAAAH!” People got concerned that I was having a seizure and/or dying. Imagine the sound of someone being gutted, this was exactly the sound I was making. So, in two words, I love this jumper!!!! @_@   

It was rather chilly the day I wore this, so I thought I’d better layer so my ovaries would be protected and cozy, so I placed a black maxi dress under the jumper and tied it into a knot. A very beautiful blond girl said I looked awesome in my cool pants, which made me so happy I forgot how to socialize and almost scared her off. If you’re reading this gorgeous blond girl, I thank you! We should have alcohol together sometime and discuss politics, I’m kidding, we’ll discuss clothes!

These bell bottoms from Stylemoi are just the thing I have been carving for lately – a quirky pattern, just the right amount of flare, not too short and not too long. The fabric is also very stretchy and you can wear them as leggings or as pants, works both ways and looks amazing. 
As I said in my previous post, Stylemoi make zero errors in filling their store with quality beautiful items. I love all of the stuff I ordered from them and would definitely recommend. ^_^ 

Leopard Bell Bottoms – c/o Stylemoi, Kawaii Jumper – H&M, Horsy Bag – Choies

I thought I’d also share with you beans some shots of my favorites in the bazaar. I had to hurry and take photos fast, since the boyfriend was outside lighting his 12 cigarette and I didn’t want to prolong his agony! So sorry if these aren’t perfect, the lightning sucked!

A shot of a clothes rack I was very much glued to. Sequins, colors, patterns? Gimme gimme gimme!!!!

My absolute favorite from the bazaar. These were sold by a very lovely grandpa and a lady, and they’re all handmade creations from real leather and ceramic. I desperately wanted to buy everything from here, but I’m saving money for life, so instead I took some photos to show you their gorgeous handiwork. 

Lavishing bracelets.

More bracelets, pottery and my favorites – genuine leather wallets, pen/pencil case and a cigarette case. 
Another clothes rack I didn’t want to leave, so many scrumptious goodies!

Divine wooden bracelets and an ice cream necklace.

Now, this is something I’d wear in a flash! Just have to remember to layer something underneath, so there’s no boob flashing and voila. It’s a masterpiece, couldn’t get my sad puppy eyes off of it. 

A lovely dollhouse. I can see my Barbie living here for the rest of her life, since my Barbie is an antisocial maniac like me! Duh.

Another favorite are Kloshar bags, who create these rad bags from authentic vinyl records. I know all the hipsters here just wet themselves!

Colorful and massive is just the way I want my jewelry to be. Kia Fil Studios are experts in creating these one of a kind flashy pieces.

Stunning glass rings, handmade creations by two lovely girlies called Iva & Maia. 

Last but not least, steampunk leather pieces. This would fulfill the kinky dream of so many nerdy men who like medieval festivals. Me included!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and my random ramblings today. It’s hot and sweaty and I’m tired so, good day and good night!
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15 thoughts on “Bulgarian Bazaar Event 2nd Edition + Stylemoi Bell Bottoms Outfit”

  1. ohhhhh you rock this outfit!! The leo printed pants with your pink jumper: SO gorgeous! <3 Makes me think of wearing more animal prints… thanks for your inspiration *_* and I just took a look at your bag.. so fun!

  2. so many gorgeous things!!!! If I was at that baazar I would be forced to put my kindney under morgage and buy whatever I could get my hands on….ok, maybe I'm taking it a bit to far, but I do like
    a)unique stuff
    b) vintage stuff
    c) hand made stuff

    you see what I mean, don't you?

    you looked totally awesome in those snow leopard flared pants (yes, trust me on this one, I watched nature documentaries for years—- if it is mostly white than it must be snow leopar)….the fluffy jumper is absolutely fabulous!!!!! you look phenomenal, no wonder blondie liked it…and don't worry, we all get socially awkard at times!

  3. You, my darling hilarious and stylish woman, are slaying me with this post. I'm going to take a moment to rinse out boyfriend's lungs with a pressure washer first…..Okay, now how did you get so freakin' cute? Oh yeah, you have a talent for it. Love this outfit. I would never ever in a million years wear it which is what makes it so amazing. You are like an exotic animal to me, a lovely one that talks and says funny things. Isn't it tortuous heaven to be confronted with all that gorgeous handmade stuff and not be able to buy it? And even if you could buy one little thing, there would be many other things you'd have to pass up. I love tooled leather and leather bracelets are my favourite because I can wear them and forget about them. They don't get in the way of painting or clang against my aluminum laptop. I can just imagine how Blondie is telling everyone about this totally stylish and freakin' awesome girl she saw. Like Ivana says, we all get socially awkward. I do it too and then repeat the encounter in my head over and over thinking oh my gawd did I really do that? xoxoxox

  4. Dude, holy shit, I could spend seriously all day in that bazaar. I'm a sucker for bauble rings, leather goods, and all those beautiful things in-between that you've posted… and they're all so colorful, oh my gah, how would you choose?!

    *gets all stressed out just looking at them*

    Your top really is FLUFFEH AS HECK. I mean, I hope you had a girly spazzy moment with it. Who wouldn't? 😀

  5. I could wander a bazaar like that all day, everything looks intriguing. And, since my birthday is in two weeks, now would be the perfect time to fall in love with things to buy…
    I like the pants. I don't know if I myself could pull off a pattern like that, but I've always had a soft spot for flares.

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