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I can sense cake aroma coming from the neighbors….It’s so depressing! I envy people who have the willpower to cook and clean. Our apartment is the result of 2 months of putting things where they aren’t supposed to be, dirty dishes, dusty floor and smelly cats. Sometimes I think to myself, “Keit, today’s the day!” (meaning, the day to clean) but just looking at all the crap, I feel tired already and decide that the best course of action is to just don’t look at it. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist!

Fashiony Part!

I usually don’t use inspirations for my outfits. I just take the stuff that would probably look good, put them on and realize I look like an eggplant, try some other stuff, then some more, until finally, I’m kind of satisfied with the end result…You can sense the professionalism reeking off of me.

This time I did something different for a change! I was inspired! Now when someone asks me “What inspired you to create this ensemble?”  I won’t have to answer with “…well you know…shit”  followed by an uncomfortable snort laughter afterwards.
So, let’s get down to business! The inspiration for this outfit came from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I re-watch this show every one or two years, until I remember that Buffy is behaving like an ass 80% of the time and I give up on it, right after I get my yearly doze of hot librarian Giles and Angel.

I scored this denim pinafore maxi from a second hand store in my hometown and I love its 90’s charm. I adore the subtle split on the back and the thin straps. I can see myself wearing sweaters with this as well and I love that it leaves a little room so you can have a peek at the layers underneath. I styled it with a choker, sunnies, chunky boots and a leather backpack. 

Do you guys like Buffy? Angel, Giles, Spike, Xander, Riley, Oz- which one would you eat potato salad with, if you know what I mean…No, seriously, I really mean potato salad!  

Denim Pinafore Maxi – Only (second hand), Backpack – Olx, Choker – Bornpretty.
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25 thoughts on “Buffy The Denim Slayer”

  1. oh Keit, you're the best. that part about the potato salad was way too brilliant. and of course I used to fangirl Buffy… and Angel! Buffy was like a hero type if you know what I mean. and Angel was like… a serious crush and eyecandy, haha. anyway! that's a lot of blue denim but you totally rock all that denim. I love the light grey under the bright blue and yeah, the whole thing is just absolutely you!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I was such a Buffy fanatic back in the day— it is kind of shameful! Honestly, I don't want to choose my fav— yes I do— Angel– when he left, it just wasn't the same!

    As for the outfit- so 90s and so much fun! But honestly your styling is key– I could see someone else making it totally matronly….

  3. I feel like such a n00b since I have NEVER seen Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I was never about killing them, I was more like I have to marry one. But I think vampires are ugly in that show anyway, lol. Please give me Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire to marry and I'll be happy for the rest of my life lol. Anywho, I love the maxi pinafore! The denim look is definitely 90's + with the choker is100% cooler β™‘

    xx AlexisSplash


  4. Yay Buffy! I can definitely see the inspiration in this outfit. It's incredibly 90s-tastic with that denim dress.
    I also know what you mean about cleaning. I'm in the process of moving back home and there's stuff everywhere. If I don't look it feels a little better, but I just want it to magically be clean.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  5. Cute look! I used to wear denim maxis when I was teaching but haven't had one in awhile. I love this one! Can I have your hair? Please just shave it off and mail it to me. I'm making a voodoo doll-no just kidding, I just really want your hair. I'll give you mine in exchange.

    I have never seen Buffy cause I'm old, but once in awhile I think I should watch it and then I forget.
    and no I
    I'm working on an e-mail reply to you so don't think I'm mad and with regards to the question you asked, no problem at all! It's just freakin' hot and my brain is melting.

  6. Hun the piece is lovely, I am always in love with whatever u manage to find in SH stores! I wished we had more good ones here… About Buffy, I am more on True Blood, TVD and Originals when I need some vamps and blood, you should try them if you have some time instead of rewatching old series…Tho I must admit Angel has its khm… Charms πŸ˜€

    Love ya :***

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  7. Hahaha. Ahhhh god. I feel you, man. I f*cking hate cleaning and especially the kitchen. It's like you're never done, you know? It's just a never ending chore that lingers like a toxic clean up site. It's because it is one of the most used rooms in the house and we're such messy cooks (though I try to clean up after myself each time, my partner on the other hand… >_<). Haha. Cleaning the kitchen is something I never look forward to, but you know what I hate worse than cleaning the kitchen? Cooking in a dirty kitchen. Hehe. I'd prefer to never cook or better yet hire a maid, but I'm too poor for that.

    So anyway, I think it goes without saying that you look absolutely incredible in that denim maxi. You're killing it, bro!

    – Anna


  8. dude i love Buffy the vampire Slayer! I can totally agree with Buffy being a bitch most of the time but it's still a great show! Love your vintage outfit it's foreals foreals vintage! Your title is awesome too! πŸ™‚

  9. Have just looked through all your outfits from the beginning! I know, I tend to be obsessive. I have had trouble wearing my gold jewellery , but after your suggestion I am wearing red and gold today:-) red and gold tartan skirt, yellowy/orangey tights, black & white checked shirt, black converse booties, and my gold jewellery. Thanks for the inspiration! XO JJ

  10. Riiiight? I never usually have inspiration for outfits. Whoops. πŸ˜€ Guess my brain just likes to think of stuff or pull out from the subsconcious of the fashion-y things that I've seen.

    But yay for Buffy! I've actually never watched Buffy (I know–shame on me!) but I love how well you can pull off this denim dress.


  11. Ha! I just rewatched Buffy too. Big fan of the series. Big fan of a lot of characters too. But definitely not a big fan of her style– it's always too sexy even if she's wearing a dress! Make me think the 90s fashion need a serious revamp — or is it just buffy?
    Love what you did with this denim dress as always. You keit-yfied it with the boots! πŸ™‚

  12. I actually never watched Buffy before but, ya know, if there are hot guys in it then I'm down to give it a go. And love how that inspired this outfit haha- I have a long pinafore and it's one of my favorite things to laze around in.

    And i totally feel you on the cleaning part. Tidying is just not my thing. Ever.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  13. I definitely feel you about the dirty apartment situation. I always tell myself I'll clean my kitchen but just looking at the mess makes me too tired and depressed to start.
    Anyway, great boots and backpack, you look super pretty in this outfit. Thanks so much for all the nice comments on my blog!! :]]

    – alexis


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