Brown leather shorts and rolled sleeves

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Whenever I see a white tee with rolled up sleeves, I immediately think of this: 

Minus the hole and yellow stains, Giles assembled a perfectly grunge look, on what is probably one of my favorite episodes of Buffy- “Band Candy”.
Btw, don’t ever google “Giles and Buffy” at once, there’s some pretty awkward fanfic out there!

Ok, back to fashion. 

As you know, I’m a hoarder of everything leather and these brown shorts are probably the most beautiful second hand purchase I’ve ever made. The orange plaid coat is second hand as well, and I think it complements the shorts very well. To top it all off, I tucked in a basic white tee and my biege platform shoes. 

Coat and shorts- second hand, tee- Egoist, platform shoes- Nowistyle.

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27 thoughts on “Brown leather shorts and rolled sleeves”

  1. Oh my gooooooosh, Keit! I love everything about this whole outfit like what what those shorts are AMAZING and very steampunk-esque, if I may say, and the combination of your rad shoes and navy socks is swoon-worthy. YOU STYLISH LADY, YOU!

    Second hand purchase for those awesome shorts, though. I dig it.

  2. Красива! Много ми харесва тениската :))) Новата снимка на блога е страхотна! С тази рокля просто… <3


  3. you're right. those shorts are very beautiful! makes me want to hunt for a pair of leather shorts myself. in a thrift store of course! If I'm to become a fashion blogger someday, I'll try to get most of my stuff from thrift shops.

  4. I love that tee! I'm not sure I could really pull off brown leather shorts, but they are awesome on you – the earthy colour suits your skintone really well.

  5. Ах, обожавам твоите outfit-ове! Но гледайки как хубаво ти стоят и най-грозните дрехи, мисля, че на мен не би ми отивал много твоя стил 🙁 Затова може ли малко помощ? Да ми кажеш какво би подхождало на мен според теб? – ако си съгласна да ми помогнеш, може да ми пишеш там, а аз ще ти пратя снимки, за да добиеш представа с какво се сблъскваш хаха :)))

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