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I thirfted this dress for a Halloween party (I was planning to be a vampire), but obviously it never materialized, because my social life is as exciting, as clipping toenails.
But I made good use of it, as a complementary accessory to the main event this month- my hardcore steam-punk watch from Bornpretty.
The good people from this cutesy website sell everything from make up to iPhone cases. Their collection of watches is one of the most bad ass I have ever seen! You can decide for yourself by checking it out HERE.

If anyone feel particularly inspired, there’s 10% off coupon which you can use! 🙂
The coupon is: KEITMC10

The best thing about this watch is that it makes people scream and exclaim: “WHAAAT DAH F$*& ISS THAT! IT’S SO F*******COOL!!! DUUUUDE!!!!”
Which is exactly what I said when I saw it.

It came in this pretty checkered foxy box, and you all know my cat-like addiction towards boxes O_O

But what strikes me as the most important (at least for me) aspect of this watch, is that the boyfriend liked it, and liked it A LOT! He’s the kind of person who is always anti clothes, anti fashion, anti vintage, anti my granny sweaters. Everything with him is always “blah”, “ugh” and “wow, wtf are you wearing” kind of attitude. But this watch, he absolutely loves, and this comes as a huge surprise.

Anyways, do you guys like it? Are you a fan of steam-punk, or gothic? And how was your Halloween? Did you celebrate it or spend it like me, watching Ergo Proxy heavily intoxicated and eating pumpkin with rum?

Dress- thrifted (Rose Dirndl), Leather Wrist Watch- Bornpretty, Bag- Nowistyle, Necklace-hand made from a very talented lady.

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26 thoughts on “Bornpretty Wrist Watch Review”

  1. Много тежкарски часовник 😛 И страхотна рокля

    Един път пробвах да гледам Ergo Proxy, но нещо не ме грабна тогава…

  2. I was planning to not to celebrate halloween at all, but ended up in a bar eventually (make up-free and wearing jeans). Your watch is super cool, Bornpretty is an awesome shop, I have bought stuff from there for *cheap*. 🙂

  3. Keit, those are some gorgeous photographs. and I must say this outfit is just so "you"… one of your best outfits actually. at least that's how I see it. and what makes it so great? all those contrasts do. I love the necklace but this watch is something that perfectly describes your style so it looks great on you but I wouldn't wear it. by the way, Born Pretty is definitely a really cool place for accessories and I will also write about them soon 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. How great is this, please! You remind of some kind of warrior-princess, I don't know why but I like it. 🙂

    Ehhhhm, well with that english-version on my blog – I somehow just forgot it, but it's now on. 😀

    XX, Sara.

  5. i sometimes forget to clip my toenails..i also sometimes forget there is a thing called social life..i am heavily inspired by steampunk and gothic cultures..the only thing that prevents me from going all out with my hair/makeup/clothes is the place where I live in, who knows I might get raped because I have blue least panchayats have been known to claim in the past that chowmein(kid you not)is the main reason why men rape. sorry for the derailed useless info i just gave..that watch is da' bomb!

  6. Haha, I definitely do not go out on Halloween, I never have. I much prefer adorable little kids in costumes coming up to my door! This dress is so gorgeous, it would make a good vamp costume, but it looks simply stunning as an every day dress as well. I will say it time and again, that burgundy color is just magic on you. Your eyes pop right through the screen! And yay for finding something the boy likes! My husband thinks my wardrobe is crazy too, but once in a while I find something he actually doesn't mind 🙂 That watch sure is a showstopper!

  7. i looove that dress! it looks so great on you! and i didn't go to a halloween party either, although halloween's like my favourite holiday ever. it just kind of slips by every year and i always think, it's halloween, i should go do something for some reason i never do, haha. except last year, i went to an amazing houseparty in london last year. this actually sound like i have a life, doesn't it?

    and thank you so much for your lovely comment! i'm really trying to post more frequently but it just turns out i'm the messiest person ever and a terrible blogger… there's still hope though, i bought a pocket calender today, haha.


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