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Rainbow makeup? Yes! I can do this shit! 

Some people may not acknowledge this as an accomplishment, but if you usually try to place your eyeliner 15 times and still don’t get it right, well….you know what I mean, rainbow makeup is a big thing! My problem with makeup comes from the fact that not that it’s hard, it’s just I have the trembling hands of a shock victim. I can’t pick my nose without poking my eye out!
I don’t have shaky hands in general, but when I have to concentrate and stay still, I get all anxious and excited that I’m doing grown up things and as a result smudge everything. My nail polish is always a disaster, lipstick is out of line, and we’ve already covered the eyeliner topic. So, my point being – RAINBOW MAKEUP IS A BIG THING GUYS!

You have no idea how happy I was with this eye makeup. I made my boyfriend take fuckton of photos before drying out his patience and returning home to remove the makeup, sad tears flowing and all, I was practically killing my baby!
I used eye pencils for the three colors and I’m planning on using them on the lips too, will see… 
Are you guys good at makeup? Were you always or was it a process you had to learn? 

As for the outfit, I’m channeling my Coachella hate once again, this time with a little bit of layering and this year’s trend – suede! I love suede, I remember it was cool when I was a teen? Or a kid? Can’t really tell, the line between my childhood and teenhood is blurred, I was a late bloomer, kept playing Neopets till I was 16, first boyfriend at around the age of 17, so sad. 

I got this dress from a second hand store and it’s rather shapeless and unflattering, so I’m planning on tying it into a knot and wearing it as a top in the future. The color is one of my most favorite after yellow and I am enamored by the fringe on the front. Since it was shapeless and weird I tied a grunge shirt around the waist and to add some layers and make it more fun I added my favorite hamster denim vest from Little Raisin Vintage

I said in previous posts I’ll try and wear more jewelry, but I always forget when I go outside. I love how other bloggers are decorated from head to toe with accessories and jewelry, so I really need to make a habit out of it. This would have looked even better with more jewelry but oh well, you learn while you blog! I like the bracelet though and I’m very happy I finally figured how to wear it, because it’s too big to place on my wrist. I can’t  believe it took me 2 years to figure out I can wear it like that….
What are this year’s trends you’re loving so far? 
Fringe Suede Dress, Shirt & Backpack – Second Hand, Denim Hamster Vest – Little Raisin Vintage
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17 thoughts on “Boho Fringe Suede Dress And Rainbow MakeUp”

  1. I wear glasses, so no point wearing makeup. Plus, I'm lazy. Your eye rainbows are amazing! I just realised our eyebrows are the perfect shape for rainbows. Colour them now! We all need eye rainbows!
    Making the world a happier or at least sappier place, one handy hint at a time ;-D xo Jazzy Jack

  2. That hamster vest caught my eyes immediately! I mean how awesome is that! Fringe trend is my fav this summer, I made this lovely fringed faux leather necklace but I keep forgetting to wear it and blog it…I don't know why really.

    rainbow make up is a big thing for me as well as I'm not that good with make up…lately, my skin has been acting out and I don't even have a foundation in my make up collection…any foundation! so there you go, you're not the only one who is clueless about make up. Lately I found it easier to wear skirts and dresses plus high heels…that way everyone is looking at my legs and no one notices that my face is sans make up and in terrible condition…perfect solution for us lazy girls!

    anyhow, your rainbow make up looks amazing…it really makes your eye colour stand out…such a unique colour!

    this fringes dress is phenomenal and I like how you tied that tartan shirt around it!!!! I do like the boho vibe…you look stunning!

    "…place your eyeliner 15 times and still don't get it right" I CAN RELATE TO THIS T____T)/ but nowadays I kinda getting improved because I've get used with using eyeliner for daily make up (not for going to school tho, I mean for hanging out or doing photoshoots lol)

    That shirt with patches on it reaaally cute~~ I'm gonna try making one like that in holiday!! XD Ah, That vest is way too cute, hamster, kinda reminds me of my childhood, playing with hamster and my whole house smells their pee …… 😐

    I also agree with wearing jewelries, I tend to forget to wear jewelries, I only like to wear bracelets…I love it when I see other bloggers wear bags and headbands WHile I only wear my clothes and shoes lol… xD

    this year best trend so far is the Off-shoulder dress and the ripped-in-the-knee-jeans, I love seeing people wearing those off-shoulder-boho-ish dress because oh gosh I want one too:O And the ripped in the knee jeans also makes people who doesn't look good in jeans like me looks so fab in it whoa how magical 😀

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  4. I am reasonably competent at makeup but can't be bothered and don't like having noticeable makeup on. When I was younger I didn't leave home without at least some sort of tinted moisturizer or foundation and mascara because I was convinced that my skin was never good enough and I would be ugly if I didn't make my eyes look better with mascara. I got over that, probably in motherhood when my body, mind and soul belonged to an adorable little boy. I love arty makeup other people. Just couldn't be bothered on myself. My idea of wearing makeup is a smudge of a taupe-chocolate eye liner pencil and maybe some pale lipstick that will rub off soon anyhow.

    LOVE that hamster! Oh oh oh so much hamster love! The hamster competes with the rainbow eyes for my attention. You were born to wear rainbow-grunge-fuck coachella outfits. xoxo

  5. Rainbow makeup for the win!! Haha, oh man, I wasn't good at makeup for a long time, but thankfully there are Youtube tutorials out there. It finally clicked this past year and I've been having fun with it. Albeit, not enough fun apparently, because I've yet to try rainbow eyes *_* Consider it going on my list of things to do!
    Love this Coachella hate outfit ;D Haha, another new favorite from you! You're killing the fashion game this summer, Keit <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Oh gosh, I damn love this make up! And you're giving some hope to me, that I could manage that too (I'm such a make up loser!!). Besides that I love your vest – the guinea pig is awesome!

    XX, Sara.

  7. tbh I only started wearing jewelry because I bought an expensive ass necklace and was like uuRHH i need to make the most out of it. I feel you man my eyeliner is so thick I'm under the daily pressure to get it right. I feel like you and I hate on Coachella so much there could be a compilation. Bro what's your neopet I'll be your friend lol. I used to be a very serious neopets player man. If it makes you feel better I still haven't had my first boyfriend lol I'm a late bloomer with u 🙁

  8. well, I'm not very sure what trends are out there right now so I guess I can't say if I'm following any 😀 right now I prefer dresses because they're the easiest: you don't have to pick a top and a bottom when you have a dress. perfect solution before going to work. anyway, you look fabulous and I really can't see any flaws in that makeup. the lip colour is perfect for you! but am I good at makeup? I only use mascara and concealer so nope, I'm not good at it and to be honest I don't care about big proper makeup, I think it just would waste my time in the mornings. oh and one more thing. that dress indeed looks great on you and it's such a pretty colour! and the hamster vest. well, that's just timeless 🙂

    Maiken – Part of me

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