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Have you ever been so lazy and apathetic, you came home and
immediately splattered yourself across the couch like a starfish, then
realized you had to pee, but you couldn’t sum up the strength to
get up and instead you just continued to lie on the sofa, sizzling and
squirming like a grilled sausage, thinking you’re gonna die from a
bursting bladder?
This happens to me way too often than I’d like to
admit….Last night I had to endure watching a cheesy soup opera,
because I couldn’t lift my arm to change the channel, had to pee too,
but I decided death by bladder was better than moving. 
Maybe it’s this heat wave, but I say
this to myself for 6 years now, there’s always this one thing that
conveniently is the reason for my laziness: the heat, just
ate, took a shower, read a difficult book, drank too much.  
see all these people who do these exciting things like bungee jumping
and tequila shots, while the mere thought of preparing a damn sandwich
makes me tired already. I often think of how different it would be
if I wasn’t so lazy and…well….not me. Maybe I
would be an astronaut, who makes her own damn sandwiches!
Summer is
one of the seasons which really puts this into perspective, since you
have all this pressure to do stuff. You HAVE to HAVE fun, you have to
swim in the ocean, go to pool parties, go on walks, go to concerts,
visit summer theaters. THE PRESSURE!!! You don’t get so violently pushed to have fun during other months, on the contrary, people are so depressed their vacation is over they stay silent for half an year, just typing away their sadness on the keyboard.

Maybe the reason behind me acting like an old slipper is the age…..26 is a big number, (I can hear the sound of people over 30, contemplating bashing my head in the pavement)
but honestly, can’t see any other reason for it. We (me and the boyfriend) usually visit the
sea every summer, but we’ll be skipping vacation time this year.  I literally
can’t be bothered to
have a vacation. It all seems so emotional and important, it makes me

When my friends hear this newsworthy information, they usually don’t care, because it’s not important (duh), but many times people would say: “But you’re so young, you have to live now!!!!”.
My parents were one of those people, which really surprised me, because they are the only ones who have a justified reason to be happy that I won’t be going anywhere, since from their point of view, traveling in a vehicle equals certain death!
They kept trying to lure me in with tempting travel packages and same old comments: you’re young, life is short, blah blah.

After turning 26 I’ve not only become more “meh”, but I’ve stopped seeking the approval of others. Keit from the past would do axel jumps to get the attention of someone she doesn’t have anything in common with and even someone who’s smart as a sponge. But now it all seems so pointless. Even if I get the approval and friendship of someone what then? I’d have to spend my time with someone, instead of just lounge and watch the new season of Marco Polo? NO THANK YOU!

When I was 20 there wasn’t a force in the world that would stop me from getting drunk in a shady heavy metal club and almost drown from too much beach time, but now, well, let’s just say I’m quite content with just stalking Hugh Jackman on Facebook and reading magazines. Thrilling!
What about you guys, do you have any summer adventures up your sleeve? Or more laid back plans? Or maybe you don’t give a damn? 

 Fashiony part!
I may not search the approval of others, but I’m delighted when I get it. And I’ve been getting it a lot on the day I wore this dress. I ordered  this bohemian gem from Choies and never even considered it would be so beautiful and unique in real life. People were staring at it so intensely I thought they might burn a hole into the fabric. Speaking of holes, you may have seen the bra peeking here on numerous occasions, translation – always, it’s my only bra appropriate for the outside world, so bare with me! You don’t even wanna know how the other ones look!

The dress has all these little details that make it a one of a kind jewel in the crown that is my wardrobe. It has cuts on the arm (breezy!), bell sleeves and laces on the front. The waist was a bit loose, so I tied it with a belt which helped to create a more sleek silhouette. 
I chose to add a very bohemian feather hair clip and stone ring into the mix and pump up the boho vibe to the extreme! Boyfriend said my hair looked like a pigeon died inside, but I’m more than happy with this feather clip, it’s pretty and edgy, ok?!

The dress is somewhat similar to Bulgarian traditional costumes, so maybe that’s why people were staring, or maybe it’s because I look damn well in this dress! What do you guys think? Likey?  
How would you style this dress? All I can think of is a basic casual set, any ideas of how to spice it up?

Bohemian bell sleeves dress – c/o Choies, Feather hair clip – c/o Choies, Stone Ring – c/o Choies, Backpack & Belt – Second Hand
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25 thoughts on “Bohemian Bell Sleeve Dress and Random Thoughts About Stuff”

  1. Death by bladder happened once to some famous dude who was too polite to excuse himself from a fancy dinner with other fancy dudes, right? Maybe it's true, maybe it's a myth. But I'll wake up in the middle of the night and do that myself–will I fall back asleep fast enough, or to pee? TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE…

    I love how hilarious your writing is. Starfish floppin' on a couch. LOVE IT.

    Your bell dress is astonishing. You look like a drifty and delicate tea cup. B)

  2. When I was 26…literally half a lifetime ago (I'm twice your age!) people told me there was plenty of time. And you know what, they were right! Death by bladder is now a saying in my life 🙂
    The cutouts make this dress. So unexpected! Pow! Have a look at this bra!
    I love these sleeves but always drag them in the dinner.
    Live your own life…the beachwill always be there. And you know what? There are people who live their whole lives never going and they are fine! Happy Summer and lounging. Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Тази рокля изглежда доста проветрива – одобрявам!

    А за "натиска" да си прекарваш щуро през лятото – meeeh. Така че те разбирам.

  4. I know how you feel about being pressured to have fun over the summer. Sometimes I'm just as content sitting on the couch all day, reading, watching tv or playing video games and I don't care what anyone thinks! I've also done the laying on the couch and not wanting to move even though my bladder's full thing. Struggles.
    Also this dress is fantastic. It looks super comfy too!

    Jamie |

  5. When my cousin and I turned 26, he said "26 is SO much older than 25" which hit the nail right on the head. It's like you're really, truly, not a kid anymore. 30 has been pretty good so far 🙂

  6. You are a girl after my own heart! Who needs to go out when the couch is oh so inviting (self confessed couch potato over here!), and the TV is right there?!:)
    And oh my gosh this dress is to die for!! I'm obsessed with the bell sleeves and the feather clip is definitely pretty and edgy- it suits you perfectly<3

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I'm so glad I got to find your blog- new follower!!! X

  7. Being a starfish on the coach is underrated if you ask me…we all need those days! I would be happy to spend my vacation at some small island in Croatia, but it is not going to happen and I'm not going to complain. While all the other normal people are out having fun, I'm spending my days sewing faux leather necklaces locked in one room without air conditioning (because air conditioning gives me headache) while my husband spends his time in the rest of our air conditioned house….ocassionally we yell out to each other to check out we're alive…and in the meantime, I do translations when I get materials or I just stare at the screen and blog…I hardly left the house in days…so much for the summer fun!…but who says we need to do what normal people do….and sipping beer at Peć Mlini while discussing blogging sounds like a great idea!

    Now, about the heat wave…I think I'm fine with it now, it took me a day or two to adjust, but fortunately I did… right now the temperatures in Mostar go as high as 43 C and it is officially the hottest city in Europe. There is something in me that responds to the extremes…and that goes for temperatures as well.

    About the outfit…you look spectacular in that bohemian maxi dress…I love the cut out details…they make it so much more fun…and I love feathers in your hair…I used to always braid feathers in my hair when I was in high school and maybe it is time I do it again.

  8. Hey baby! Looking super boho in today's outfit! I always suprise myself when I come to ur blog and I read like, a WHOLE post, when I usually just scroll through photos on other blogs! So what I wanted to add is, it's ok to be lazy. It's you, and you should stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy, even if that looks like you're doing nothing in someone elses eyes. Who cares?? I love being a bit more active and sharing everything on social media, but that's me, I kinda like the spotlight. On the other side, no vacation for me this season, so I am doing quite well with watching season after season of America's got talent and Amazing race. 😀 Lots of love

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST

    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma Fashion Freak

  9. I was laughing out loud on the whole violently pushed to have fun this season – BECAUSE IT'S SO TRUE!!
    Although I do get out quite a bit more during the summer, and I am planning a roadtrip to the West coast, soooo….lol I caved to the pressure xD
    Love this stunning dress Keit! People were definitely staring because you look gorgeous and like a boho queen in this free-spirited dress! Plus, the feathers definitely helped mark your royalty 😉

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  10. Keit you look sensational! Ignore the boyfriend, the feather clip looks awesome. I get you with the summer fun pressure – sometimes I just want to go home and sit on my couch but then I feel like I'm failing at summertime!

  11. Ъм НЕ! Взимам си думите от няолко поста по-надолу! ТОВА е новия ми любим твой тоалет! Боже мой, този стил ти отива тооооолкова много! Все едно гледам момиче от фестивал тип "I am too cool to sit with you!" Не знам как ти се получава, но много ме радваш!! Супер рокличка и пръстен <3 Аз също май ще пропусна типичната ваканция-на-морето тази година, ноо who cares 😀

  12. Wow, this hippie and boho kind-of look suits you perfectly. You look damn pretty! 🙂
    And I totally get you (although I'm some years older) with this 'you-need-t-have-fun-and-live-life-NOW'-thing! 😀

    XX, Sara.

  13. Great! Now, your boyfriend is funny too? The comment about a dead bird in your hair is LOLs! I did a double take when I saw that bra peeking, I mean, why that bra specifically? But then now that I know that your other bras are unfit for public consumption, I'm feeling insecure as my bra collection is old and I really hate wearing them. Can I just stalk your blog forever, you make me feel like I've met a bestie! Apart from vacay season, I utterly loathe wedding and any celebratory type of seasons. I'm the 'funnest' person you'll ever meet that sits quietly twiddling her thumb, avoiding noisy places and people, the biggest bore for some. :*

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  14. K, I'm gonna join everyone else here and take a moment to drool over this dress. THAT PATTERN! I love the violet blue color, too. This is something I would swan dive into, it's right up my alley. Super beautiful. Now onto the life crisis: I just turned 26, too! But unlike you I went the other direction and totally have ants in my pants haha. I actually bought a one way ticket to Ireland for November, and I'm not sure when I'm coming home. I just can't sit at home anymore 😉 Though I totally get having those lulls where you can't be bothered going outside. I say do what you want to do!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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