Dressestylist bloody dress accompanied by a bloody Sangria


   Welcome to yet, another alcohol related post. For my new readers, who don’t know what the fuck is this, alcohol posts are just an excuse to get drunk and show off my alcohol inspired outfits. Today’s drink is all about the color red and  sluttish behavior, hidden behind a mask of seeming tranquility and innocence. Did you guessed it? If you didn’t here’s a hint….it’s a freakin sangria!

Thanks to another Dressestylist beauty,  I can drink in the middle of the day, without looking like a drunken hobo, even better, looking like a proper lady!  The dress is consisted of my favorite bare back and bloody red taffeta, and of course it’s accompanied by the black rugged boots I seem to be wearing every fucking day.
Since it’s raining, and snowing and windy, and raining, and snowing outside, I’m taking my sangria and red shiny dress to the coach, and bracing myself for a long Discovery channel marathon.

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?

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26 thoughts on “Dressestylist bloody dress accompanied by a bloody Sangria”

  1. burgundy red indeed is the most gorgeous shade of red and I'm addicted to all things burgundy. already this week I've got a pencil skirt and a regular top and it still doesn't feel enough 😛 anyway, what a fancy dress that is! looks lovely with your hair colour btw 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I think the pairing of a red gown with your heavy black boots is perfect – its not at all expected but very much you 🙂 And that sangria that goes along with it doesn't hurt, either!

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