Blogger changing the photos: Problem solved…I think

This is a quick update on the whole blogger issue with photos. 
I’ve been having major difficulties with blogger lately. And I read that most of you guys have them too. 
My main problems were that when posting the photos, blogger modified the color, brightness and quality. So basically you had a whole different image when you posted it. 
I think I managed to change that, by saving the files with a .png instead of a .jpg format.
I noticed thought, that at least for me, this problems occurs mostly in the preview. When you publish the photos, they seem alright.

This is a screenshot from the preview and as you can see, there’s a big difference. The two images are the same and I don’t know why blogger modifies the jpg so much in the preview. But when you post the photos, this problem disappears.  My advice is, if you still have this issue, even after you publish your post, try saving the images like .png.

Let me know if you have similar difficulties with blogger and whether this changes anything for you guys! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Blogger changing the photos: Problem solved…I think”

  1. I had the same problem, and it was problem with settings on google+ account.

    HERE's the fix:
    Connect to your Google + account.
    Click on Home > Settings.
    Scroll to the "Auto Enhance" section.
    Uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos".

    and one more thing, box "Upload files at original size" must be checked… and that's it. 😉

  2. Мисля, че това, което Katarina написа, ще помогне. Нямам blogspot, но имах подобен проблем със снимките в google+ и го оправих така.

  3. Doing this for ages now. Не знам защо и кога, но отдавна открих, че в PNG всичко е по-добро, ясно и качествено, затова всичко и за навсякъде си сейфвам в него, включително и на Пейнт 😀

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