Black cropped top, H&M leather pants and my fat cat

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I have nothing to say today (wow, that’s a first), so I’ll leave you with a sexually suggestive pose of my fat cat. She likes to play dirty!

Fashiony part: I have a dark history with leather pants. If you’ve ever seen the famous scene with  Ross from “Friends” struggling to get rid of his leather pants, you’ll know what I mean. 
Once, I made the big mistake of wearing them at my University. It was a cold morning, so I never even thought that it would get agonizingly hot in the afternoon. After 1 hour of waiting for my bus in the scorching heat, the leather pants started dissolving into my skin. 

Leather clothes are sexy, no doubt about it, but I’m pretty sure that whoever wears leather during summer (or even winter) wears a sweaty ass too, the two go hand by hand. 

Leather pants- H&M, nowistyle cropped top,  nowistyle bag.

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24 thoughts on “Black cropped top, H&M leather pants and my fat cat”

  1. oh, I had pretty much forgotten how cool burgundy looks. especially when you combine it with some more burgundy 😉 and you're right about wearing leather during hot summer days, it's a big no-no! 😀
    +your lazy cat looks really cool! like a big soft ball of fur.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Leather pants whwaaaatt!! That melting story sounds pretty awful, but that aside, you look amazing in these leather pants. And your butt looks awesome, too, if you don't mind me saying. This whole outfit is pretty rad but you're kind of magical in that way.

    ps) psssh, I am pretty sure you could kick butt. Then you could curl up into a ball post-butt-kicking. 🙂

  3. I love that hat, every time you wear it. It's so perfect for you and it always adds that little something extra to your outfits to make them even more interesting. Love the crop top and pants, also. I like to think that I still have the stomach for crop tops. I mean I don't exactly have a six pack, but I'm not in muffin top territory, either (YET!).

    Nevertheless, I avoid low cut tops like the plague. Haha. I guess it's because I still get hassled by creepy dudes when I'm completely covered up, so why give them more ammo by showing my belly button? I've been looking at crop tops to wear with maxi skirts, though.

    Hmm… We'll see. <3 Oh and awesome necklace, too, by the way!

    – Anna

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