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I usually suck at every possible social interaction, but it gets worse when someone tries to compliment me. I don’t take compliments very well.

It’s just one of those basic human goodiness that I can’t find an answer to. So if anyone says “Wow your blog is really cool” or “Oh I love your hat” I look at them with an extremely puzzled face and say something like “Hell no! I suck!”   Surprisingly this puts off people.
Have you ever done this?  Have you ever had someone come up to you and say something nice and you just destroy their good intentions with one sentence?
 In which social interactions do you suck the most?

Another problem is my bitchy resting face. Do you know what that is? It’s something like this:  .____.
And people usually get the impression that you hate the whole planet, including baby rabbits and daisies. That’s why I try to smile a lot when being photographed, because the alternative is this: ._____.
Do you guys have bitchy resting face?

Fashiony part: I got this pretty coat from a second hand store and it costs 4$. Now I can’t stop wearing it, because it’s one of those fluffy and extremely warm fabrics that really makes my ovaries happy. And there’s nothing more important than the happiness of your ovaries!

Coat- Bensimon (second hand), Boots- Deichmann, T-shirt-Teenage Millionaire, Pants- H&M.

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29 thoughts on “Bitchy resting face and plaid coat”

  1. Love your coat… and that tee <3
    Haha, I often do the same when someone compliments me. Someone tells me I look good, and I point out my messy hair or something. If I really think I have handled something well then I can take a compliment, otherwise not xD. I have learned to thank for compliments in my blog tho ;D.

  2. Gosh I love your coat…been looking for a checked one for ages…I think you're awesome and I am the same with compliments…awkward as hell and usually say something silly x

  3. Oh, them ovaries 😀 They need happiness, too. The coat is cute (tartan fan here)

    I have troubles responding to compliments, too. Like
    "You are ____" (pretty/smart/etc.)
    "No I am not *herp derp face* "

  4. I think that coat would make every woman happy .. but suddenly I felt so so cold looking at your pictures 🙁 you know, it's the jealous feeling of seeing someone looking awesome 😀 not to even mention that girl, you found this season's hot trend with 4 dollars 0.o that's what I call awesome thriftshopping!


  5. Loooool. I've got bitchy resting face and it's all up in my blog! There was a time it bothered me but now I'm not bothered about it. And when someone says smile I frown, but say something else instead of 'smile' and I'm beaming all over. So yes, I've got bitchy resting face. Lol.

    Your coat is pretty. Ah. Happiness of the ovaries. And there I was thinking only the heart could be happy. 🙂

  6. Hahaha I think a lot of people have bitchy resting face. My sister is always complaining about how people think she's angry when she's not!

    But anyway, I love your new jacket. It's so cool and what a bargain! It looks awesome with those purple jeans.

  7. Ha I don't think I've ever met an individual who graciously accepted a compliment. And I can definitely say I do the same every time. I am trying to be all like 'oh thank you' rather than 'what, have you seen the size of my ass in these pants?' but it's hard to remember to give thanks to that person when they're telling you that you look pretty today. And bitch face look. I know it. I am it LOL, not intentionally but meh, just happens right! Anyhoo, love the styling of this and the jacket is gorgeous. You're definitely shining in this ensemble, and it's definitely because them ovaries are content!

    Dancing in Black

  8. Yes, omg! Half the time I just don't say anything except maybe thanks. I really don't know what to say when someone pays me an incredible compliment out of the blue. Maybe it comes from insecurity but we'll call it humbleness 😉 And I am the worst about talking up my blog!

    I look pretty grumpy a lot of the time, too haha. "Bitchy resting face" always cracks me up.

  9. оооо палтото и панталона и обувките … абе всичко е страхотно :))) А иначе и аз реагирам по подобен начин на комплиментите 😀

  10. I don't know what it is but when someone compliments a thrifted item I'm wearing I don't start with "thank you" but I say "it's thrifted!" 😀 same thing goes to discounted items. I have nothing against the compliments though.
    anyway, I love your outfit. all those shades of red are just wonderful together. and your thrifted jacket looks great even to me who don't usually like plaids. one of your best looks, Keit.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  11. I had a handbag once that my mum gave me. I didn't like it but I couldn't afford another and anyway, I didn't want to upset my mum. But people kept complimenting that ugly handbag! And everytime they did, I looked at them like they were mad and said, really? I hate it. Strangely enough, people did not like this reaction… eventually I threw out the bag.

  12. I think we all have done this in some way, haven't we? It's difficult for me sometimes to take compliments, especially when it's about an item or outfit that you think is so simple. But, saying "than-you," is just the best way to go about it. That being said, I adore this outfit from head-to-toe! Take care, Madison 🙂

  13. Hah, I have a thoughtful resting face because I'd doze off during class but because I looked thoughtful, the teacher always thought I was paying attention. (My husband has a total bitchy resting face though, he'll be relaxing and you'll swear to god he's about ready to murder someone.) And yeah, you do have awwwwwesome hair but you're pretty much a knockout the whole way around.

  14. Really love this look, the plaid coat is beautiful and you style it so well! Also, love your sense of humor. Romania is nice, very different from Malaysia (where I born n raised) and United State (where i lived for a long time). It's something very different and I'm still exploring but so far it's fun.

  15. omg I hate it when people compliment me. I dont know what to do with it!!! Especially when people focus on me being 'pretty" it's like… i would like to think there are other qualities about me other than being pretty. Anyways awesome find with the jacket!!!

    Glass of Fashion

  16. Bitchy or not, that is you. I would take it either way =D Whenever anyone gives you compliment, the easiest to accept is just say "Thank you". Done!
    On a serious note, I DO like your coat! *just come to my blog and say thank you ok?* LOL!!!

  17. Hehe, well, this reaction sounds kinda familiar to me. 😀

    But YOU look AWESOME. I love this bash of red-tones and the jacket is just perfect (I especially love the straight cut!).

    XX, Sara.

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