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Hello creepy guy and the ladies who read me. I have a birthday today, well not technically today for someone on the other side of the globe, but in Bulgarian time it is 11:47, pm and I’m celebrating my Birthday high…. on positive emotions, drunk, and a bit confused. Hence, I thought it would be the best time to update you on my well being and of course on a new dress I bought, khue khue (coughs as charmingly as an old man smoking 4 packs of cigarettes per day).

You know my pain of not having a big cleavage, so I am just going to briefly complain about it and be done with it. I snatched this dress from my all time favorite addiction the second hand store Remix, the brand is actually Zimmermann and I got it as a present for zeh Birthday. I know it’s a bit too fancy for daily use so I wanted to figure out a way of toning it down. I tried layering it with a sweater, but the dress is so tight I lost this battle before it even began. Hence came in handy my distressed boyfriend jeans. I thought about pairing everything with sneakers, but I didn’t want to loose the femininity of the dress, so for shoes I opted for my tanned ballerina flats.

The thing is, I love how the dress looks, now that I have little more meat on the bones. I used to be 40kg when I was with the severe OCD and I looked like a Halloween decoration. Not the best for building up self esteem. It’s been harsh these days, don’t really have the motivation to do anything and the depression is sinking in real hard for the passed two weeks, but I usually counter it with lots of sleeping. If I have a bad day I spend all of it sleeping, until a good day comes along.

I know this is not the most productive and efficient thing to do when you are suffering from suicidal depression, but it’s a way of coping, and it works. On another life update note, I made my first tattoo! Some of you already guessed what it is in my Instagram, so kudos guys, you’re nerds! <3 The cool thing is, I apparently have high pain tolerance and mixing that with adrenaline, I didn’t feel a thing the whole time. I’m planning on doing both my hands  to cover up the scars, but haven’t thought about what to put there. Any recommendations?

That’s it for today cheese crackers, have an awesome week, see you in the middle!

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