Belts and cats


Hello again. I don’t know who I’m saying hello to…I think I’m the only person reading right now 😀 and writing… Just stopping  by to humiliate my cat and to show you my belt bracelet. I love belt bracelets!!! I love everything connected with leather.  I  noticed on that they make belt- like bracelets, but because of the looooooooooooooooooooooong shipment and because I WANT IT NOW I made my own. This is my red mango thin belt.

It’s very easy, you just wrap it around your wrist and cut whatever part you don’t want hanging. Fancy ^_^

And now for the cat part.This is her favorite sleeping position, waiting to be raped I guess.  She was very offended that I took those pictures, as you can see on the second photo 😀 But if anyone out there is feeling down or depressed or just sad, don’t tell me THIS isn’t making you laugh your guts out .

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