Being useless by judging

Imagine you are at home, watching the telly and you’ve just made the most amazing lasagna in the world. Your lasagna is so awesome you can put sunglasses over it. So you lay on the coach and eat 80 percent of your masterpiece, but just couldn’t stuff in those other 20 percent. So you carefully take your lasagna, wrap it in tin foil or safely deposit it in a plastic container and put it in the fridge. “Stay strong lasagna, I will get back to you as soon as I can”. But as usual, life grabs you by the legs and you forget about the perfect lasagna. The next day you eat at work, the day after that you eat with friends at a restaurant, the day after that you decide to make a salad, because you think the cellulite is going to ruin your life. So a week has passed and finally you remember you have a piece of art in your fridge. So you pull it out, and big surprise, the lasagna is no longer a lasagna. It has grown a whole new civilization, with plumbing and everything. It’s no longer your loving lasagna, so naturally you decide to throw it out. You carefully reach out for your fungus-lasagna and throw it in the garbage. That’s when you hear the voice, the judgmental voice:
-Throwing my lasagna, wtf do you think I’m doing?
-You shouldn’t throw food!!!
-What am I supposed to do, leave it to develop a new life form?
-NO! You should have eaten it, there are starving people and you’re throwing away food!
That voice is no longer a voice, in your head it’s a screeching sound of nails dragging down a black board. Congratulations, you feel bad for throwing away a decomposing lasagna! 
People always do that, they feel responsible and powerless of other people’s miseries. They think that if they focus on the little meaningless things, somehow magically people around the globe will be fed.
Well, let me clarify, people around the globe will starve, regardless of whether you throw your food or eat it. And not only that, but people around the world are getting stabbed, tortured, raped regardless of how you feel about it. This is the world, this is life- it’s sadistic, cruel and bitter. And you, telling me that I should eat my lasagna because people are dying from starvation, isn’t going to change that. It’s just silly. Instead of scavenging my trash for food scraps, instead of judging and criticizing, make a donation, bring food to someone unfortunate, whatever, just don’t tell me it’s wrong, because that won’t change anything.
Sorry for this post, but I get really frustrated sometimes.

Fashiony part: Flowery print sweater from second hand H&M, leather skirt- second hand.

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37 thoughts on “Being useless by judging”

  1. Keep writing!! You have skill on it! (psst, I'm not judging you)
    About the outfit, I just cant stop looking at your awesome boots. I wanna have a pair for my wardrobe sake.
    Have a nice day fabulous hair!

  2. i see it more as a recognition than as a panacea. it's akin to holding one's breath when passing a grave site out of respect for those who no longer walk this Earth and breathe its air. it's a respectful, symbolic gesture. it shows a personal recognition of the fact that my life could be a lot worse and that i appreciate my good fortune. 🙂

    i agree that it's stupid to equate throwing out rotting food with world hunger and i don't think you should be chastised for doing that and made to feel as if the blood of those who died from hunger are on your hands. that's just ridiculous and hyperbolic.

    still, i understand the overall (more rational) sentiment. i mean, take food eating contests for instance. those totally disgust me in their wastefulness. there's so much waste in the world. i agree that people should take personal responsibility and do their part to help end world hunger, rather than yell at others in the way that you were yelled at. it solves absolutely nothing as both people walk away feeling miserable.

    *mwah* i always appreciate your introspective blog posts. you're awesome! <3

    – Anna

  3. hah…yea, sometimes one's effort won't change the world..but maybe we shouldn't be so judgmental about this. The world is so unfair regardless but we still need to do our part to save the world:)..and I understand your frustration..cus from time to time I am like that too:).

    For the fashionable part…you look amazing:)

  4. Grrr, this is how I feel about people who protest in front of abortion clinics. If you really, really want to save a life of a child, you'd go feed all of these kids who don't have any food to eat, either in our cities or other countries. Smugly waving your sign at me as i drive past is going to change NOTHING. (But I will laugh at them while they marched around in the -40 below.)

    I love how you so effortlessly blend super feminine pieces like this floral blouse with tougher items like the leather skirt, you make a floral blouse look badass! And the stocking cap over the pink hair is perfect! 🙂

  5. great post! i love your write up-it simultaneously made me laugh and feel incredibly guilty for throwing out some moldy grapes this morning…plus, your photos are gorgeous, as always. that skirt is fantastic, and i like how your shirt matches your hair. stunning!

  6. I enjoyed your post so fucking much!! And yeah, I know this situation veryvery well! 😀

    You look gorgeous, btw. I love your style more every day.

    Have an awsome friday, hun.

  7. 1st.. lovely outfit and you are pretty as always.
    2nd.. It's not about throwing away lasagna, it's about changing political structures globally, which (as an idealist, I refuse to say is impossible) is extremely difficult.

  8. I share your opinion. and I even find it stupid when people with 11 kids whine in newspapers or TV and beg for donations. why did you create all those kids when you can't take care of them?! stupid people, I say.
    anyway, I love the combo of your floral top and leather (?) skirt! and those boots.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  9. If I was there I would've eaten half of that lasagna and you wouldn't have to throw anything away..;)

    Don't worry..all the bad things happening in the world means there are also good stuff happening 🙂 remember Yin-Yang..there will always be balance..:) don't get frustrated about what other people say.. don't get it in your way..:)

    stay pretty! and thanks for visiting my blog..really appreciate it

  10. love the outfit.. ! This kind of outfit is something that I would definitely love wearing if only I live in a much colder climate.. sigh..

    And I enjoyed reading your story about the lasagna! It's that same voice in your head that actually encourages slacktivism .. The same voice that tells you to share that photo in facebook so a starving kid in Africa gets fed. tsk.

  11. Hahaha!! I love the "Stay strong lasagna, I will get back to you as soon as I can" ^^
    And I agree with you, there is non sense in torture our mind about throwing away food sometimes… But I've got the same feeling most of the time: GUILT
    Because of my education, I guess…

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