Batman…nana…and Nowistyle skirt and coat

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    Cat hairs, cat hairs, everywhere… This is my theme song. 
I think I might die someday from cat hairs. I’ve devoured so many and so frequently, not to mention the ones which have gotten stuck into my eye and vanished inside…This sounds like a nice horror story. 
Seriously though, no matter how often I clean the whole freakin apartment, my two, huge fat cats seem to shed their hair on all my clothes. If I’m too lazy to use those sticky roller thingies, and decide to go to the near store, people keep looking at me with disgust, as if I’ve put these huge white hairs intentionally there. 
Before I had cats, I used to wonder about all those cat people, walking around with hairy clothes, not giving a fuck…. I think that after the 204936 time you clean that shit up and when 4 minutes later it’s all hairy again, you just  give up…
Fashiony part: I seriously have no idea how I cleaned my Batman hoodie…Anyway, it’s time for another part of nowistyle pretty things! 
Coat-nowistyle, skirt-nowistyle, men’s Batman hoodie, booties-New Yorker. 

Has anyone wondered if Batman and Superman become enemies, who would win??? I’ve put a lot of thought in this, and believe me, it’s a mindfuck!

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35 thoughts on “Batman…nana…and Nowistyle skirt and coat”

  1. It's cool. When I go back and forth to college, I bring dog hairs with me… not as deadly as cat hairs, but I'll still find dog hairs in my college bed sheets and even on my plates sometime?? Like what?? Hair can travel far. Hair is evil. Hair is like that friend you can't get rid of.

    Haha, anyway, I love the batman shirt and how the yellow matches to your AWESOME wedges. Bright yellow laces?! Yes yes.

  2. Dog hair is the same way, that stuff drives me crazy. πŸ˜› I think it's pretty awesome that you're rocking your batman hoodie with the leather sleeved trench, that's like coolness times ten. (I think they're done batman vs superman a couple times, I know Jim Lee did it in his "Hush" story line and batman pretty much always wins. Brains over brawn yo!)

  3. Nice…I posed the Batman/Superman question to the BF,he's still thinking about it. (I have pondered this before, but not to much extent.)
    Anyway, loving the graphic sweatshirt lately, I myself am sporting an old Wolverine sweatshirt as I type…

  4. Those leather sleeves are really awesome. My cat spends every possible waking (and sleeping) moment curled up on my lap, so I feel ya. (Also – I choose Batman, 'cause he's sexier. He's got the deep, gravelly voice.)

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