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Morning all! It’s morning as I’m writing this, although I now realize it may be noon when I post this…anyway, it’s a sweet cloudy, chilly morning! Just the thought of the freezing wind outside makes me…aaaaaaand it just started snowing! I think the weather heard me…it sensed my malevolence and now it’s mobilizing its troops for revenge! I know, talking about the weather is such a classic thing a blogger can do, so I’ll stop here before anyone falls into a deep boredom induced coma. 
I have to write a letter in Japanese which takes like…4 hours of my day, so this post is going to be a shorty I’m happy you guys liked the idea of 10 random facts about me, so I’m doing it! But first, a few words about the outfit!

Fashiony Part!

I bought this Batman t-shirt from my ALL TIME FAVORITE online second hand store and at first I thought the writing said “Raped Crusader”. It took me one second to acknowledge that the writing was actually “Caped Crusader” but the damage had been done. The thought of a raped Batman will haunt me forever! It’s a rad t-shirt nonetheless! I got it from the men’s section and it fits perfectly,  the previous owner must have had exceptionally tiny shoulders.

The button down I layered underneath is from another second hand store. I bought it mainly for layering purposes, because I liked the unusual mix of  green and mustard stripes, as well as the luxurious silky fabric that adds a nice polished overall look. 
That’s about all I have to say about this outfit, it’s a fairly simple one, but I had to run some errands and was super late, so didn’t have a lot of time to think about my sexe body. Do you likey?

Okay, time for some random facts about Keit! 
1. I usually move around my apartment with a blanket. Something like Linus from The Peanuts, but not as pathetic…or maybe equally pathetic, depends on the point of view. There’s nothing I love more than to curl up burrito style with a big blanket and watch UFC or play video games, absolute bliss. 
2. I hate buying underwear and socks, I think it’s a waste of money. I can wear a washed out discolored bra for years and I still own socks from 7th grade with blue rabbits… yes, blue rabbits

3. Until the age of 21 I hated fashion and clothes. I owned one pair of shoes and was happy with them, and couldn’t understand why all the other girls were buying tons of other shoes that they didn’t need. 
5. I write with my left hand and whenever I see someone else writing with a left hand I immediately assume we’re best buddies and that the person is awesome because, let’s face it, left handed people are the fried potatoes of society!
6. When I was a kid I thought Michael Jackson was a woman. 

7. I have a very foul mouth. People are often surprised by how effortlessly I would slide the word “vagina” in a casual conversation. 
8. I was a strong believer in the spiritual and astrological and basically everything of the new age crap. I don’t remember the exact moment I stopped believing, I think it was more of a gradual process.
9. When I was a kid I was in love with Hulk Hogan and loved the show “Thunder in Paradise”. My grandparents were raising chickens at the time and had tons of cute tiny chicks. I decided I should train one to be my slave and named it Spencer like the character from “Thunder in Paradise”. I thought the best way to train a chicken is to smother it with love, so every day I would hug it and pet it and a few days later it died. Apparently it fell into a deep depression and just kept staring at the empty space in front of it, without doing anything else. It literally died from my love. This still haunts me!
10. I try my best to love and grow flowers, but it just won’t happen. In the past, the boyfriend gifted me many beautiful flowers in pots to look after, but I left them all to die, I just don’t care. 
Batman T-shirt – Remix, Striped Button Down – Solo Shop, High Waist Skinny Jeans – Just Female (second hand), Boots – Choies.

That’s it for today’s post! In the spirit of 10 random facts, I’d be happy if you shared one random fact about you in the comment section! Or if you want to share more than one, be my guest, I’d love to know more about you and to feed my stalker needs! *_* 
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27 thoughts on “Batman T-shirt and Ten Random Facts About Me”

  1. Ok now that you mention it, it really does look like it says raped crusader. Oy. And your ten facts were hilarious- I laughed out loud at the Michael Jackson one. And was surprised you didn't like fashion til you were 21! You have such a strong style sense- what made you finally get into it? And I'm the *same way* with socks and bras. I just caaaaan't make myself buy them. Which is why I have just like normal gray ones you buy in a bundle. ~sexay~

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Good quality underwear is expensive! for a while now I have claimed American Eagle/Aerie's to be the best suited for my arse and are super comfy but $$$. I think my oldest pair is almost 10 years old, haha! and I rotate between two bras currently, and more recently just one (embarrassing?) because finding my size is a nightmare and again, expensive! why can't they make our undergarments cheap?

  3. Dude, I'm in the same about cussing effortlessly and blurt out random "disgusting" body parts lol. I love the idea of this blog post and might steal from you for my next blogpost lol. For one random fact about myself, I really don't like eating fish but I love eating calamari and shell fish lol.

    I love the way you layered this look, super casual and vintage-y. The stripe shirt really adds to the look and I love the boots! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  4. Хахахах обичам да чета постовете ти! 😀 Напълно съм сългласна с номер 2… не го разбирам… и без това никой не ги вижда тези неща!?? В тази връзка,… харесвам ревютата на Vicotoria's Secret, но просто не проумявам кой би си купил сутиен за 300 долара, при положение, че само той ще си го гледа 😀

  5. Hahaha I loved reading your 10 facts! I also love this outfit. The Batman shirt is super cool and it's even better layered over the striped button-down. Those boots are awesome too. My sister has been looking for a pair like those. I may need to point her toward that store.

    Jamie |

  6. the striped blouse is so pretty. I love it! and the way you have layered that Batman tee over it is awesome. you reminded me how much I loved layering like that but then for some reason stopped doing it… anyway, I also loved your ten facts and would love to read more in the future. I'm so sorry about the chick but you described it in such a funny way that I couldn't help but smile. oh and maybe it's the opposite with your plants. too little love?

    Maiken – Part of me

  7. I want to leave all the commenting today! I completely love this post, for many reasons. I mean, Batman t-shirt is amazing and I love how you make the batman t-shirt look so classy (don't deny it). And you just reminded me that I have a wonder woman bag that I had completely forgotten about and now that it sparked that memory I found it behind a chair and now I'm going to take it on holiday with me. So cheers.

    Second of all, I am exactly the same about underwear. Maybe not bras because my boobs keep growing and changing and I keep having to buy new bras because I break the hooks and stuff. They just don't last for me. But I hate buying socks, they're so goddam boring. And yet I always lose them, so I end up wearing odd socks almost every day. And not to look individual just because I have socks from 10 yeas ago that are all I have left. And christmas socks. I wear socks with Christmas trees on all year round.

    Oh and a *left handed high five*.
    We are the best people, you're not wrong about that.

    Finally, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. They always make me smile, and I'm so happy to see someone enjoying my little blog. And you know, the punk rocker look is definitely what I dream of, so thanks for the flattery. 😀

  8. LOL!! You thought Michael Jackson was a woman?! I can't stop laughing from that fact.
    Ok, so one fact about me. I love spicy food and chilli. Everything taste so much better when there's chilli in it. Even though my mouth is burning hot, I still find it so satisfying to have chilli in my meal.

  9. I LOVE spicy food. (I accidentally typed that as spicy foot, which I can say that I do not enjoy!) I have been craving it so bad already today and it's only 1 pm!

  10. I love the short lace dress you styled in your outfit post "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And Lace " which Jamie Rose linked in her post Petite Panoply: February Favorites.
    I think the Linus-style blanket thing is cute. I have the opposite inclination with underwear. I'm addicted to buying, wearing, male-modeling and reviewing ladies full brief panties. I occasionally do Fbloggers OOTDs featuring them and customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube. I'm WAY overdue for news posts on my blog and YouTube. I love your lipstick, mascara and hair!
    Carl Sagan was cool. There's nothing wrong wih the word "vagina". I'd love to hear the allegedly "foul mouth". I too have a back thumb with plants.
    I love the colour combination of your black and yellow striped button down with the colours of your Batman T-Shirt and your Just Female high-waist skinny jeans.
    I also very much loved the short lace dress you styled in your outfit post "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And Lace " which Jamie Rose linked in her post Petite Panoply: February Favorites.

    my Blog | my YouTube | my Twitter

  11. love reading the 10 facts about you. I have a few in common with you, I walk around with a huge duvet cause i am always cold, I love watching UFC!!! I did not care for fashion until I was in my second year going on my third year of university (how funny hey) then went from marketing degree to going back to school for fashion design.
    Check out the blog I posted my new campaign for the basics line it is finally launched!! xx

  12. I love this layering. The green and mustard stripe is chic and the 'Caped Crusader' and boots add some interesting edge to the look. You are such an interesting person to know Keit; YOU THOUGHT MICHAEL JACKSON WAS A WOMAN! Okay, I'll forgive you that as I don't know Carl Sagan. I don't understand why people shy away from words like 'vagina' I mean, it's just a word, but I save them the discomfort. I love lingerie!

  13. Great stripe action!
    Random fact? I can't think of anything I haven't blurted out already. Hmmm…I don't like bras and often just wear a singlet instead, or nipple covers (breastfeeding stretches nipples…who knew?) I have too many undies because my size keeps changing. Hey, two random facts! 😀 xo Jazzy Jack

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