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So, recently I’ve been having a lot of free time, which is like winning the lottery when you’re 28. There is so much stuff to do, like doing the laundry, washing dishies, cleaning out doge’s crap,  preparing food, fixing the pipes. Nah, I’m just kidding for the last one, we currently have two clogged pipes and the drain looks like a puddle of  soap and despair, and yet, here I am showing you my  new clothes. How’s that for procrastination? If somebody can top that, be my guest!
Anyways, as you read in my recent post, I’ve been trying to change my style, mainly because I do not like it anymore. It is too chaotic and I happen to know why. I have been, for as long as I can remember, steering away from basic clothing like you steer away from a questionable veneric disease. When you open my wardrobe it’s like an episode from Frikazoid and CSI, each piece of clothing represents a rainbow and when you combine them together you basically get a vomit of rainbows, if that makes any sense…. 
So recently, I have been on the hunt for basic clothing, and I managed to get my hands on some pretty good deals from second hand shops and the sale from Zara, so without further ado….
The idea of basic clothing is that you have a foundation from where you can build up and layer. If you go all basic, you can never go wrong and if you happen to mix it up with something more unconventional you have your game on. 
I started my hunt for some basic pieces few weeks ago and it’s been going not very well. I am pro when it comes to chaos and color, but I also tend to get confused and mix what is basic, what is eccentric, what is just not appropriate at all…I am slowly learning and this post is my first baby step, so be gentle!
The Beige Soft Turtleneck Sweater

I find this sweater super versatile and perfect if you are feeling somewhat blue and don’t wanna dress up, but you still don’t wanna look like the unkempt sponge you are! 
I love styling this, because once you put it on, a comfortable feeling sets in and how you feel transpires in your body language and mood, which coincidentally transpires into how you look and how people perceive you.

You can wear  this sweater with slim fitted jeans, a blazer or you can go all wild and pair it with a tutu skirt, it’s still going to look structured and well putted together.

What I call “The Life Saver”

The life savor is an extremely simple striped blouse which I have been wearing almost every day. I tend to layer it under dresses, or layer on top with funky cardigans. Not to mention that you can wear this under a sweater to banish the cold demons and yes, my dog is basically in every photo, I know, and just like a good obedient customer support representative, I sincerely apologize.  

Denim Dress

I swear to baby Jesus every lady should have a denim dress! I wear this so often even if I paid a 100 bucks for it, it would pay off. You can style it with cardigans, with a skirt, chunky jewelry, snake print knee high booties and in my case, knee high Converse sneakers.
 The Tank Top

 I have never loved tank tops and I probably never would if my friend didn’t gift me this top last year. It’s one of those pieces that are essential to any wardrobe, especially looks cute with a transparent white shirt underneath and bonus point for keeping you warm.. You can always wear it stand alone as well, because it’s not exactly an undergarment. I usually style it underneath other layers, like in this case, the denim dress.

The Bra and The Blazer

Just like the denim dress, I think the blazer is another chameleon piece that can be styled in numerous ways and should be present in every lady’s wardrobe. On any occasion you can layer it on top of a beautiful silk dress, or tone it down with some sneakers!

 White Turtleneck Sweater

Lately I have been trying to look out for more sweaters that have a neutral color like, black, gray, brown, all these make for a great base to layer on top or in my case here,  keep the basic look on with black boots and leather backpack.

White Chunky Sweater

Just like the turtleneck, a white casual sweater is all you need for a lazy day or a special date. I chose to buy this one since I didn’t want to go all basic with it and I liked the ruffled accent on the top. 
Pencil Brown Skirt

After a whole lot of wearing yellow and pink, I have a new found love for brown. The skirt is the perfect addition to any casual outfit, but you can also dress it up with a cropped top or sequins and I love the huge brown belt that came with it. I am planning on wearing the belt on my waist and tucking in some oversize pieces I have.
A Coat In Neutral Color

I thrifted this coat few days ago and I have been wearing it like second skin. You probably saw it on my Instagram already, but I wanted to showcase it here as well, since  it is soft, fluffy and the perfect milky white color. A colleague of mine told me jokingly that it looks like I snatched my Grandma’s carpet, which kind of made me wanna strangle her with it, but never mind that.
I know the Teddy coat is not the most basic pieces of them all, but it still classifies as the most basic coat in my wardrobe!
So what do you guys think, do you invest in the basics, or do you always go for the shiny thing that catches your eyes?
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3 thoughts on “Basics Haul – Investing In a Basic Wardrobe”

  1. I think I'm all set when it comes to basics. I have a few pair of jeans that are wearable, one denim dress, a nice blouse, quite a few pencil skirt, several turtlenecks in neutral colours, a white sweater……right now I'm into buying clothes only if I really fall in love with some item. You how with years one ends up with having more and more clothes in one's wardrobe, especially if one doesn't like to get rid of clothes or is lazy when it comes to organizing them…that's me. I also probably have too much clothing items that are 'out there', too many crazy colours and patterns, clothing items that you can't wear anywhere nice or anywhere where there are other humans around, but I just can't get rid of them. Fortunately, I have enough basics to be able to look presentable when I want or need to. Perhaps people who like colourful clothes need basics even more!

    I do like all the things you presented here. That white sweater is adorable, an item like that looks great with everything. I also really like the denim dress, the pencil skirt, the turtleneck and the blazer. Great basic items! That teddy bear coat is so cute. I actually think that a faux fur coat can be labelled as a basic item, especially one that comes in a neutral colour as does yours. I see faux fur coats everywhere. I have had a camel one for ages, I think it belonged to my mother, at any rate I found it in her closet when I was trying to figure out what to wear with my prom dress (so, yeah that was more than a decade ago).

  2. I love that the doge is in every outfit post. I cannot believe that you are embracing the basic fashion life! It's quite liberating at first. I slowly dipped my feet into this a few years ago after realizing my chaotic clothing options then as it became hard to style without going over the top but I hardly blame myself or anyone as I was an 80s child. HAHAHA. Though I didn't own sequin things, I had an explosion of color and patterns in my closet. With the basics actually, you get to wear the colored and printed clothing in many different ways so you can have the best of both worlds. Always a delight reading you and please scratch the doge's ears for me 😀 oxox

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