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Anyone played the new “The Walking Dead” game? It was so utterly depressing! I have a physical need to see Lee again, how creepy is that! Curse you “Telltale”, for making me have feelings for a fictional character!!!
Have you guys, ever loved a fictional character? If yes, who was it? 

Dah boyfriend is sick, which means I’m sick too. We have a weird flu epidemic in Bulgaria, almost everyone are dragging their ass around with high temperature, coughs and runny nose. Awesome…
For my sick outing, I decided to wrap myself like a fava bean, combining my new coat from Nowistyle and the multicolored scarf that causes eye aneurysms, just by looking at it. 

Underneath, I tried out this navy dotted blouse with a simple leather skirt and some men’s socks, I picked up from a crummy supermarket.

Yes, I know I have the fugliest collection of scrunchies, but they don’t mess up my hair man!

Coat- Nowistyle, Scarf & Skirt- Second hand, Dotted blouse- Nowistyle

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30 thoughts on “Basic gray coat and a dotted blouse”

  1. Hey, can I add you as a friend on GW2? I know we're not on the same server but we could do some dungeons together sometime ^^
    Btw, get well soon!!!

    1. I would love that! 🙂 You can find me by the name: Mikasa Sz. By the way, how's Tequatl The Sunless at your server? It's depressing in Aurora Glade, not a single person goes to the event 😀 I joined the guild MILF, and they said that Desolation server were pretty good at it and killed him very often, but you have to go like an hour and a half before the event starts, because it gets too crowded and you're put on queue 😀

  2. First of all, I LOVE THE LOOK! Secondly, I'm totally in love with your coat and scarf!! And third, I don't one thing about The Walking Dead game, but I do know that the show will give me heart attack one day!

  3. I love your dotted sweater paired with this leather skirt. Such a cool look. Also, that Walking Dead game was awesome! I really want to buy the second season, but I'll have to wait until this summer when I have some free time.

  4. Готина комбинация. Шалът и чорапите са страхотни.

    Кой ли не си е падал по измислени герои… В моя случай – Marcus Flutie.

  5. that scarf sure looks crazy colourful! like really crazy! but you rock it and it looks great with polka dots. plus I also love the skirt! I remember there was something similar in a thrift store here in my hometown but I didn't buy it in time and then it was gone. boo, I miss the skirt now.
    ps. I hope this cold has left the building for now!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. I love this look and also the fact that you have such a strong personal style. I mean you find the perfect way to bringcolor to any look, which instntly makes it prettier and makes it more you! Lovely!

  7. Ех, ама този шал е толкова весел, че съм сигурна, че може да ти оправи настроението и когато си болна 😉 И пуловерът е много сладък, но пък аз напоследък обожавам всичко на точки.
    Да оздравяваш бързо!

  8. oh no, not a sick Keit! Darn that sickness going around. Must be the cold weather or something. You think germs would get cold and freeze away to nothingness, but I suppose not. Ah darn!!

    Well, you look AMAZING as usual. That scarf has the coolest colors and your polka dot top.. oho wowowo wowow gimme

  9. You look great for feeling sick! Loving the skirt!
    Nah, no love for a fictional character…too little in return!
    Have not seen the Walking Dead game either, but just watched the man play Last Of Us…interesting ending…

  10. The combination of this scarf with anything would be genius I think. I love it with both the coat and the polka dot sweater. I really want a coat like that, the texture and proportion is perfect! Ugh feel better! That sucks when everyone is sick and you're all miserable.

  11. I don't know how you manage to look so chic and put together when you're sick, but I think I need to take lessons from you. Your coat, scarf and blouse together would probably not work on anyone but you… but on your, they are perfect together.

  12. I loveeeee this scarf! I love how loud it is. and also love the jacket. You look pretty good while being sick. I often look like a hotmess when I'm sick lol


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