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Ever since I was a little potato I had a strong affection towards skeletons…Maybe it’s because we’re so alike, especially now, after I’ve lost a few pounds due to the flu! But I always thought that if I ever meet a live skeleton we would be best buddies and would share similar interests in movies as well as many different things in life…Apart from this small disorder, I was normal as a button I promise!
Anyways, my love for skeletons didn’t pass with age, like the normal world would hoped for, and today I’m happy to present my new dinosaur skeleton necklace from Choies!  

This necklace is my absolute favorite for this year and I am more than sure that nothing would be able to surpass its glory! Look at it’s little wee hands, it’s adorable! The necklace came in a beautiful velvet box, which made the whole experience even more rewarding! 

Fashiony Part!
I decided to wear my new dino buddy for a visit to the boyfriend’s office and a quick lunch. It was sunny but still chilly enough to make me regret my decision. Good thing I was wearing a sweater, another great purchase from Choies! 

The sweater comes with a lovely v-shaped bare back and you can wear it in two ways: the bare side on the front or on the back. I decided to wear it with a bare back and layered a satin second hand slip dress underneath. 
I read in some comments that girlies were afraid to wash the sweater, but since I’m fearless and manly as a brick, I ditched it in the washing machine and it was as good as new. So don’t fret to wash it, the material stays the same – fluffy and soft!

I made the mistake of cutting my hair a little shorter this month, so now I’m sad that I look like one of those lego toys! I know I’m a sexy lego, but still…a lego! At least it’s easy and fast to blow dry! I’m planning on letting my hair grow into a nice broom-like mane. Pray to Cthulhu I won’t chop it again!

Backless oversize sweater – c/o Choies, Dinosaur Necklace – c/o Choies, Satin cami dress – Second Hand.

And thanks to my very talented friend Zdravko for taking this awesome shot of my retarded face! Take a sneak peek at his facebook, for some inexhaustible amount of manliness and more pretty shots! 
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23 thoughts on “Bare Back Oversize Sweater & Dinosaur Necklace”

  1. that lego comment made me smile (it's a very good thing since I'm a little depressed at the moment). but you don't actually look like a lego, I think it's a nice hair cut for you and suits well! gosh and that necklace – I love it! and the baby blue sweater looks so cosy and cool, a perfect piece for you! but is there snow in your pictures??? I think there is… at least you don't have to wear 10 layers of clothes to stay at least a bit warm.

    Part of me

  2. Thanks for sharing your strange youth love for skeletons, I thougt I was alone in this one x) I'm quite proud of a photo at 7yo maybe, where I show the slack plastic skeleton I chose after winning at a funfair stand, but I had never met someone who liked this stuff when young until now x')
    So, I'm quite found of this necklace: the contrast between the material and the form is great ^^
    Lovely look too; this sweater back is awesome =) Have a good day!

  3. Oh wow I loove that necklace, I'd never thought of putting a jumper over a dress like that either it's a great look. Skeletons are cool, I used to love them as a kid (and still do) but I never thought of being friends with one <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. Skeletons are the best! We had a pose-able one in art class and he wore a top hat so he was pretty much the most awesome skeleton ever. 🙂 That necklace is really cool looking, it's not really the typical style of a dino skeleton and almost has a bird-like look to it.
    and whaaa? there's no way you look like a lego toy! The style looks really sleek on you but then, you can pull off pretty much anything. (Kudos for being so brave on washing the sweater, I've lost all of my confidence in tossing mine in the wash and now I'm trying to baby them.) I hope you're feeling better though, that flu sounds like it was a nasty one!

  5. That necklace is so RAD! What a genius design. I want one for myself and I bet my nephews who love dinosaurs would want one too-haha! Your lipstick is absolutely perfect on you…and looks so great with that baby blue sweater.

  6. I love the shapes, proportions and layers in this outfit and definitely love that dino skeleton necklace! Now I want one. I really like your hair that length but I get that it is probably a bit more difficult to do anything with like make sexy ponytails when you need one. I think it looks very chic that length though. xoxo

  7. Looove the dinosaur necklace! That baby blue jumper is so cute and fluffy and squishy. Can't imagine bare backs are comfy when there is…what? Is that snow on the ground? Get back inside this instant woman! xo JJ

  8. Fucking hell. Sorry, dude! I have so much catching up to do! I really love how much wear you're getting out of a rather formal looking evening dress. It inspires me. <3 The powder blue on red is a nice, unexpected color pairing. I'll have to try that. I received a vintage powder blue cardigan that has stumped me style-wise. Rad necklace, too!

    – Anna

  9. Hahah I ALWAYS think that when I make my hair super short- especially since it's super thick and likes to morph into the shape of a helmet. You look super good in lego hair though, so at least you have that going for you 🙂 And that necklace is just about the coolest thing, ever. I love pieces like that- they're so fun and add *so* much character to an outfit. 10/10 I'd totally wear this.

    xo marlen
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