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Bah, we had an earthquake again! It was a tiny one, but it made me jiggle and I hate jiggling for no apparent reason, especially jiggling on a sober head! So we (and by we I mean the boyfriend) had to drag our painfully heavy cats again, from the 8th floor waaaaay down the stairs and right into a nearby little restaurant, where people looked mildly amused by our frustrated stares and the hysterical meaowing of the cats. Good to know nobody gives a fuck if they die or not. Seriously, isn’t anyone afraid of a natural disasters anymore? 

Two years ago, when we had the big scary earthquake during the night, I called my friends to see if they had safely left the building (just like any other sane person would do) and they just said: “Naaah, I’m gonna sleep it off”. Seriously? What the hell man! How do you sleep off an earthquake? You just doze off while the whole apartment is shaking, calmly taking in the aroma of inevitable doom and the gentle sounds of vibrating earth layers!?

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I recently experienced an especially depressing nightmare involving nature disasters. It threw me so hard on the loony wagon, I waited for two days to see if it would happen for real and even after that, I wasn’t entirely persuaded. I’m planning on arranging a survival backpack. It’s just something I have to do now, or I won’t be able to sleep at night. Thank you brain, for being such a dick and messing me up!

Do you guys ever have nightmares that you can’t shake off for days? Let me know in the comments!

Speaking of natural disasters, check out this disastrously chic dress! Man, this was a sucky way to change a topic! 
You may remember this lace dress from my April Favorites post. I waited for the weather to behave in a more attentive manner, took a few snapshots and came back here to brag! This is the most beautiful dress I have ever owned- bare back, lace glaze, short lining- what more could you want!

When I first saw it on Zara I almost wet my pants, then I saw the price tag and almost died. Few days later, I saw the same dress in our “Bulgarian Ebay” for half the price and almost wet my pants again!  

The only weak link in this dress are the shorts lining. Because you basically have shorts underneath, peeing suddenly becomes an issue. You literally have to remove the whole dress so you can take a piss… Still, this doesn’t remove even an ounce of the romantic charm this dress possesses! 

Lace Bare Back Dress- Zara, Clutch and Ankle boots- Second hand, Necklace and bracelet- Bornpretty
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25 thoughts on “Backless Navy Zara Dress & Earthquakes”

  1. You look drop dead gorgeous but I couldn't deal with the shorts lining! And seriously – an earthquake?!? I'd be terrified! Thunder is about as scary a natural phenomenon as I can take…

  2. I know, right??? How can people be so calm about earthquakes?? I live in Greece, right on top of an earthquake fault. Right on top -.- which means that we have earthquakes I swear, everybody around me is sooo calm about it. They don't even stop doing whatever it is they're doing, they just wait for it to stop. If it's not over 6 Richter nobody goes outside O_O And then there's me, panicking and crying and losing control hahah! It's quite entertaining for other people lol! I'll never get used to it..
    Sorry for the rant, but you hit a weak spot! On another note, you look hooot! This dress is awesome and…can we talk about your face? How is it possible for a human being to be this beautiful? *.* You have these beautiful fine features and dat smile *.* I looove youuu! 😀

    P.S. I know you've mentioned at some point, but have you considered making a post about Japanese? I mean, the way you study, or the hardships you encounter, or advice etc etc, cause sometimes I feel so stuck, but I want to keep on learning. I know that it's a subject that may not be interesting for all though, so I get it, if you don't want to write about it 🙂


    1. Hahah! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I'm having major issues with Japanese and I would love to make a post about it! It's very comforting to see that other people are struggling with it too 😀 I'll start working on it right away! 🙂

  3. Oh yeah I have bad dreams all the time, it's a side effect of one of my medications. The worst ones I have involve me cheating on my boyfriend and worrying that he will find out. I would never ever cheat on my bf, so in the dream it feels just terrible and I can't forget about it for days and have to be super nice to him to make up for my dream cheat.
    Gosh, what a remarkable dress, gorgeous!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. haha WHAT, your friends are nuts!! i would not sleep off a natural disaster, i'd be racing you all for the underground bunker. and that dress is gorgeous…though the shorts lining sounds odd. i dunno how down i'd be to strip naked just to get to the bathroom. especially at a bar. it's still pretty though, haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. I experienced a mild earthquake a couple of weeks ago and I was home alone. It freaked me out a bit, I can say that for sure.
    Dear, you look amazing in this dress, but shorts lining… that's crazy, why would they do that? Now I remember why I wear overalls so seldom at work.. it's a hustle to have to take them all the way off every time I go to the bathroom :))))

  6. Страхотна рокля, стои ти убийствено! Аз лично бих я спасила в евентуално природно бедствие! Малко ме е срам да си го призная след като прочетох цялият ти пост, но въпреки че живея на последния етаж… не усетих заметресението. Не знам как стана 😀 Истеричното обаждане на майка ми по-късно беше начинът, по който научих 😀

  7. Yeah, I remember this dress and couldn't wait to see you wearing it! Just lovely! <3
    And about the eartquake… some parts of my country felt it too. With all the problems that floods caused that's
    just what we needed XD Actually it's not funny….

  8. Natural disasters are scary as fuck! Dude, I live in Tornado City in Alabama and people in the dorm I was at just this past semester were having a good old time and I was like… be quiet everyone… just be quiet and let's be quiet together and listen so we don't die… not panicking or anything, just wishing people would calm the fuck down. BUT HEY! Now that we have computers, we totally have outsmarted nature, right? WRONG, PEASANTS! WRONG!

    … I digress.

    That lace is yummy on you. And the sheerness of it is supa sexy. You lookin' cute as always, Mizz Keit. 😀

  9. Adorable dress! I don't think I can wear the long sheer over short lined bit thing cause I'm weird like that. For the same reason I can't ever get an asymmetrical haircut. I'd be hacking off the hair and hacking off the long part of the dress. We had an earthquake here about a month ago. It didn't last long so I didn't evacuate but I packed a bag of important stuff which I put beside my bed and put the cat carrier by the door. I live on the top floor-3rd floor- so I figures I will just land on the people below me and they might be toast but I will survive.

  10. I love the dress. I loved it then and I especially love it now. but the part about the pants? mmm, sounds too complicated for me so I would give up on the dress even if I liked it 😛 but I'm glad you didn't do it because the dress looks fabulous on you!
    by the way, even us here have had some earthquakes but we more experience heavy wind, thunder, stuff like that. those have done decent damage here in my country when they're especially hard. and once in the winter people were stuck in the middle of a snowstorm. their cars got covered with snow, the road "vanished" because of the snow and they were stuck for like a couple of days or something. it was crazy.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  11. Ние с boyfriend нищо не усетихме, явно през нашия град не е минало въобще 😀 аз си готвех и даже малко не ме тресна… после майка ми се обади и ми каза, аз даже не знаех, че е имало земетресение, чудно ми стана как те живеят на 1 час път от нас в съседен град и ги е разтресло яко, а нас никак даже… Земетресенията са паниращи и страшни, особено ако живееш на висок етаж. Но не мисля, че чак цяла сграда/мазилка може да срутят или нещо такова тук, слава богу не сме в Япония… Май сега е ред на наводненията при нас :х
    Красива си :* Роклята много ми харесва, ботичките също 🙂

  12. I lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and we had earthquakes pretty regularly (the mild kind), and admittedly I rarely did more than move into a door frame! But I am impressed that you are taking safety so seriously!! (OH– and I like the look!)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  13. I have never seen such a beautiful dress! lace + mullet-like = perfect! :)) anyway, i am glad you're okay. and i really think that it's safe to have a survival pack.

    that's disappointing though, it seems like people don't care anymore. Apparently, here in the Philippines, we're somehow used to the natural disasters but still, so many were killed in the last storm that hit us. So many poor families died :((( We are so grateful to all who helped, to all those countries who helped us.

    my reply to your comment: "I wonder why living in Europe has taken its charm on you… hehe. I love Europe's rich culture, architecture, interiors, and the way they appreciate the arts. It's just so lovely. :)) Thank you dear! ^^)"

    xoxo, rae

  14. Oh, I would not have known the lining on the dress was shorts! That has good and bad points I suppose…peeing would be the bad point-but hey you can swashbuckle to your heart's content without the worry of flashing others! Good? :/ What a gorgeous piece though. The color is fantastic and the sheer lace is just so beautiful!
    So sorry you had an earthquake! I assure you I would be with you running to safety..I can't imagine sleeping through something like that.
    I definitely have nightmares that I can't shake for days. I worry that they'll come true or mainly just wonder where in the heck my brain comes up with some of the stuff? I don't even watch scary movies because my brain is one big scary movie at night, haha.

  15. So crazy! Sorry about the earthquakes. I've never experienced anything like that, not even so much as a tremor. I bet it's pretty fuckin' scary though. Little (if I may say little haha) things like that tend to remind me of how volatile the Earth is…oh and that we live on a planet in outer space. People seem to forget that bit. Haha. <3

    You put together a beautiful minimalist style here! Well done!

    – Anna

  16. What a tricky dress indeed, I couldn't expect it was a short under by looking at it; its beauty is too powerful :p Ah, good guy ebay. Saving our frustration for years now.
    Your post actually reminds me of a nightmare about natural disaster I had after visiting Yellowstone (geyser park in West USA) and been going back to France! I was with my parents on the caldera, the old crater (which is almost the whole park by the way), and we started seeing the ground elevating, sign of the pression strengh on the underground and a comming huge explosion of this old silent place. Of course all of this was damn realistic, even my reaction, the way I tried to survive, to see if my parents were following… Gosh, it was a brutal reminder of the geological reality beneath this beautiful landscape we tried to forget about while walking.
    The morning I checked if it was in any way a premonitory dream (although I don't really believe in it, but it would have been a big mind-blowing coincidance); fortunatly, nothing had changed.
    We are so fragile comparated to the physic of our planet, I totally understand your paranoic side 😉

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