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I  harbor deep hatred towards any kind of institution where you’re not allowed to say the word “fuck” or wear glow in the dark sneakers and my university was of similar sort.   
My previous schools were rather liberal on that matter and yet, I hated every day spent there. Ever since 1st grade, when I realized I’ll be friendless at least till 5th grade, school has been my personal circle of hell. My days at primary school were filled with woolen vests my grandma knitted for me, that worked as a shield when I tried to establish contact with other human beings, I wore a trendy retainer which I neatly stashed into a flashy yellow neon case every time I ate, I was almost always alone like one of those cliche scenes in teenage movies, but on the bright side, at least I got mostly A’s…neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!
High school was much better, I was starting to resemble a human, instead of a turnip with braces, so I was getting attention from boys, made some friends and had a very exciting social life where I was allowed to stay till 10pm until the age of 18. So rebellious! After my graduation I was looking forward to studying in a respectable university, because everyone said that’s what you’re supposed to do. Relaxing a few months first, or maybe even learning by yourself something our Bulgarian schools couldn’t teach you, is out of the question. To quote Paris Hilton, being a student is HOT! So, I entered whatever specialty I was accepted into, not even considering I might not like it, because having a piece of paper that wrote “Bachelor Degree in Something You Hate and Don’t Understand” was way more important than your stupid happiness.
So, 4 years went by, studying stuff I hate, spending time with people I despise, drinking beer at 10 in the morning because no way I’m going through a whole day in there without some help! Four years of boring school outfits, exams, apathy and finally I was free! Free from school! Now, whenever I have an itch to study something, FIRST I try to see if I can’t learn it by myself and my LAST resort would be school. That’s how much I hate it!
That’s why, today’s outfit is back to school NOT outfit, minus the backpack which I now realize is a very schoolish thing to wear. Sorry! >.<
I found this kawaii oversize pink sweater on Choies and it was like finding my long lost scrunchy, which my cat loves to chew and hide. I immediately added this glorious sweater into my basket, while mouth watering with saliva and heart beating, as if I’ve just heard the news that they’re making a second season of Attack on Titan anime.  @_@
I rolled up the sleeves of my new kawaii sweater to show you a new multicolored bracelet I bought from my favorite second hand store Remix and added a thrifted chiffon maxi red skirt. I wore this for a night out at our cinema, not actually seeing any movies btw, new season movies are so horrible!!!!!!!

So that’s it for today’s non school outfit! Tell me, are you guys currently studying something? Do you like it? And overall, how was/is your life in school?

Kawaii oversize pink sweater – c/o Choies, Chiffon Red Skirt – Second Hand, Multicolored Bracelet – Remix, Lavender Backpack – Choies
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18 thoughts on “Back to School NOT! Outfit”

  1. my life was way more exciting in high school, I was allowed to stay until 11 pm! I mean what happened with curfew, were our parents the only ones with such regulations? these days you can see kids staying up all night, so crazy. I mean, I'm minding my own business and trying to eat a sandwich at 12 pm when from some dark courner someone pops out : "Good evening, professor!". It is like kids these day go out only when it gets dark (maybe Twillight series is to blame?)

    Anyhow, I can't say I hated school but I didn't like either…in elementary school my teachers positively hated me and thought I was such a weirdo, in high school I didn't care either way…I got along well with my classmates but interestingly enough my best friends were never the ones from my own class….but I do remember hating having to do the same old thing every day…and the best part was skipping school:) On the other hand, I loved Uni! …but I must agree with Asimov and say that the best education is self education (Who ever gave me a teaching certificate? I hope they're not reading this and anyway I don't work in a school now so I can say it).

    That pink sweater is adorable…and that maxi is gorgeous…you are even more adorable than usual in this outfit!!!!

  2. I had such a love/hate relationship with school. Elementary school–LOVE. Middle school–LOVE while everyone else hated it. High school–HATE. I was awkward and confused and shy and boys hated me and I was so not comfortable with my body–I even refused to wear shorts or skirts during high school because I thought my legs were fat and awkward. I acted out against my parents, I skipped classes so much that I almost got kicked out of school. But somehow I got straight A's . . . and then I got pregnant in high school and went to prom and graduation pregnant. And that was horrible. College–LOVE. This is when I finally appreciated learning. Perhaps that was because I was paying for it . . . .

  3. Ahaha I loved reading your school story. I liked school pretty well and got good grades all the way through. Middle school was a super awkward time of me hardly being 4 foot four inches and barely being able to find jeans that weren't elastic-waisted from the children's section. Luckily I hit puberty at some point and although the 6am wake-up for high school was atrocious and I wonder how I lived through that, the extracurricular stuff I did was fun! I enjoyed what I studied in college and grad school but didn't have much of a social life. Nerd. I'm glad to be done with school now though!

    Anyway, I really enjoy your bright pink sweater and the flowy skirt. Very cute!

    Jamie |

  4. Can't remember much primary school. High school was correspondence and was OK. Got worse marks each year in Uni as I discovered how much I hated it. Learning on my own, yay! Enrolled in an online singing course at the moment, after having just completed on online breathing course 🙂
    Gorgeous punkishness pinkishness! Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I'm in love with the skirt! And it suits you so well with the sweater, it looks really comfortable!
    4 years of something you don't like sounds a lot. Reminds me of a friend who did 4 years of medecine and quit to join my art school; it's never too late to find what we love o/
    I join you on the freedom feeling while finishing this step! I never really understood why adults told me "school is the best part of your life, after it will be hard": I got good grades without too much difficulties, had some really good friends, ok, but I also despite middle school were people was too stupid and mean to make me love humanity as a whole (then, fortunatly there is a kind of a sorting between middle and high school). Maybe it's because I was too calm (my only parties were anniversary and funny evenings at friends' places, I migh have skip one class because the whole class was doing it, so rebellious) and because I do things I want know, versus thinks that was expected from me ^^
    Have a good day!

  6. Hahaha, hello beautiful nerd! I am having a tough time picturing you friendless in primary school but hey look who's the popular girl now, eh? I think my school years were pretty alright right until the time when I hit puberty and had to move away and said goodbye to the best friends I had made for two years. After that I grew quietly bitter and actually spent a whole year crying myself to sleep because in my depressive teenage mind, life was ultimately disappointing. But I wasn't dumb so people thought I must be somewhat cool despite the acne, reserved personality and utterly unfashionable clothing. Oh my goodness, what have I done? Unloading embarrassing stuff about my life on the internet to strangers!! Except you Keit, you're totes my bestie, even if it's the imaginary kind 😉 xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  7. I laughed out loud, you crack me up with your description of your school days. I probably should be more empathetic as I hated school quite a bit myself. Due to bullying & the fact my caring selfless parents decided to have a long messy divorce throughout. I will never attend a class for anything now because I arrogantly believe I can teach myself, especially now we have this amazing internet thingy. When I started my blog (with zero experience or knowledge of computers) my friend said I should do a course at college. My answer to her was "fuck off I don't have time for that shit I'm almost 50!". Probably a little harsh in hindsight…

  8. HOW DARE YOU WEAR A SCHOOL OUTFIT THAT'S SO APPROPRIATE FOR… SCHOOL! Hahahaha I love the lovey-dovey pink and red hues you've got going in on here, Keit. And your writing, as usual, never ceases to make me laugh. Eee hee hee.

    Man, if only there would be a second season of Attack on Titan… we need our dose of LEVI!

  9. You have a lovely smile. Love the heart on your sweater. I did get a Bachelor in something I'm not too keen about. Sometimes, I sit back and count all the courses I could have studied instead. lol. Not regretting Uni, one bit though.

  10. I love everything about this. I could wear whatever I wanted in school, we really had little regulations on what we could or we couldn't wear, in Italy. But that didn't mean we didn't have a 'uniform'. Jeans and t-shirt were the staples and anything different attracted to much attention. If you wore a skirt or a dress people would notice and make comments, which wasn't something you necessarily wanted at 13-14. There were times when I wish we really had a real uniform, but now that I work in a Catholic Irish school I understand I would have hated it!

  11. "because having a piece of paper that wrote "Bachelor Degree in Something You Hate and Don't Understand" was way more important than your stupid happiness." Dude!!! I studied finance in college and it is really NOT my thing, I'm not a math person, and I wished I would have done something else like design but life happens.
    In school I was the socially awkward girl, I wonder how I even managed to make friends haha.
    Loving your outfit tho, that sweater is so pretty!!

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