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I just received a huge package from mom, consisting of napkins, cat food, panties and a bra…I thought that at the age of 24, I would have earned the right to buy my own underwear. Turns out I’ve been gravely mistaken. Good news is she bought me a bra with Snoopy on it…I have no idea where she finds those!

BTW, I have a huge favor to ask you. My sister, that owns like 20 something mascaras, has started writing her own cosmetics blog. The blog is still in it’s infancy, but I would be extremely grateful if you could go check it out. She’s a shy creature, with love for granny hobbies, likes to scold me when I’m drunk and is obsessed with Mary Margaret from “Once upon a time”.  Give her a chance

Outfit of the day is a tad boring, at least for me. It’s consisted of the aztec dress, you may remember from my Instagram and the stupid boots from the Mall. My inspirational levels are so low these days, I just want to drag my ass in a pajama. I fancy this dress a lot, though. I snatched it from a Bulgarian online second hand shop called “Remix”. Can’t believe we have online thrift shopping too. Just another way to throw my money out the window, yay? 

Aztec dress-Laura Scott (second hand), Chelsea camel boots- Stradivarius, Bag and scarf-nowistyle

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23 thoughts on “Aztec Sweater Dress”

  1. online thrift shopping sounds like both a magical and a terrible thing. that dress is so bright and exciting, and I always love how you can pull of these perplexing patterns.

    also, yay for moms buying you underwear!! best package EVAR!

  2. Well if that's what you come up when you're not inspired then think of what you can do when you feel alright!! And I cna only think about your pajama: I'm sure it's amazing (eve if your mom bought it with the snoopy bra ahhhaha XD) I hate buying lingerie so I'd love my mom to buy it for me. Too bad I'm 26 and this hasn't happened in a while haha! But when it used to happen my lingerie looke way better. I mean, I still wear undies with squirrels on them and I'm not even ashamed. And my bras consist of a series of tiny lycra tops. You look amazing and I'm following your sister on Google+! Who knows, she must be cool as her sister ;D
    styleBizarre: Alternative Lifestyle&Fashion

  3. You look adorable and I really LOVE your stupid mall boots. I love your mum too. Mum's love to buy stuff for the kids, and love it even more so if their kids dont' really need them to. I buy stuff for my son, though trust me it's so much harder to buy for a 19 year old male and I would like to adopt you so I can have a daughter to shop at thrift stores with. My mum buys stuff for me too. I admit she has not bought me any underwear for a few decades but she still likes to buy me little things she knows I will like.

  4. Wow, I love this look! [your devilish boots match the outfit so well! hopefully they loosened up a bit]
    My mother's just the same, not that long ago she bought me this pink shampoo with a image of Hannah Montana on it.
    [I was shocked, but then again the shampoo smelled like raspberries, I love raspberries!]

    And your sister's blog seems so feminine and pretty, shall follow her as well <3

  5. Изобщо не ти е скучен аутфита! Срахотна е роклята 🙂 И шала също много ми харесва! Само не знам защо трябваше да споделяш за ремикс …. веднага си поръчах не едно, а няколко неща 😀


  6. You look flawless like always! I bet no one could rock this crazy dress (even though you think it's boring; we seem to have different limits for craziness) like you did. Also, I love your watch; I adore heavy watches like his one. I'll definitely check out your sister's blog. One of my younger sisters is 12 but I can already see her becoming a fashion blogger in a few years. Quite an embarrassing one, dressing inadequately to current weather, haha.

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