Awkward is not cool… and Asos oversized cardigan

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All my life, I regarded awkwardness as something explicitly disturbing and generally, a quality people tend to avoid. I didn’t like being awkward, I didn’t like people who were awkward, it’s just common sense.
The last few months, though, I noticed a new trend among young internet users. Being weird is now regarded as an irreplaceable quality that makes you look cute and charming and the life of the party.
This is a belief prevalent among girls, boys tend to consider themselves to be nerds, sexy nerds that is! I can not count how many articles I’ve read with the words “weird” and “cute” in the same sentence. If you spill a drink on yourself you’re awkward, if you’re clumsy you’re awkward, if you bumped into a gorgeous guy and dropped your textbooks, you’re awkward, but with a date! 
Not to sound like a granny, but in my days awkward was a plague everybody ran away from. You can’t be charming and awkward at the same time, it is a natural law. It’s how the universe functions, with awkward people being weird and a virgin, and clumsy people being charming and sexually active. 

I think the general confusion, comes from the meaning of the word. People tend to label everything remotely “embarrassing” as awkward. Which is kind of true, but not entirely. 
For me, awkward is when your grandpa’s teeth fall out, while passionately explaining about his glorious young days, awkward is when you’re left alone with a friend of your best friend, and you stare at each other, for what seems like an eternity, because you have nothing to say except “Nice weather huh?”. Awkward is when you go to the office toilet, only to find your boss taking a crap there, awkward is when you laugh out loud at some joke you didn’t even heard and somebody asks you to repeat the joke, so you decide to just cry and run away, awkward is when you bend down to pick up your fallen keys, only to get cramps in your feet and stay paralyzed there, bending over, with the hope that someone would eventually find you. 
Awkward is a mixture of disturbing and sadness, weirdness and confusion. It’s not chubby cheeks charming, it’s not cotton candy clumsy, it’s just weird. 
Another weird trend is gorgeous guys thinking they’re nerds, just because they play video games. So you play video games, have lots of friends, and get laid almost every night, you’re such a nerd!

  Fashiony part: Oversized  cardi from Asos, Hat- OVS, Top- Bershka, Leather vintage bag- second hand.

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47 thoughts on “Awkward is not cool… and Asos oversized cardigan”

  1. ^Commnt deleted coz I'm spreading wrong links.
    This awkward trend was there aspiring already almost 20 years ago.. Have you seen the movie "Clueless" from the early 90's? It influenced many teens from my surroundings. People start to find perfection boring.
    But yup, people who pretend to be awkward, don't actually know how it really feels to be awkward lol 😀
    Looking great as always you is.
    x, Lara

  2. "omg guys I am sO awkward" like that?? Yeah, that can be obnoxious when people are trying to hard to be a certain thing that's cool-awkward-cool or whatever that is. I know what you mean, though it's hard to explain.

    BUT HEY ANYWAY girl I love the socks with those awesome boots. You just look so awesome and cool here~ that purse has got to be one of the neatest I've seen in quite a while. 🙂

  3. As usual, your outfit is such an eye-candy! Why is it so hot where I live! I want to layer clothes like you do!

    And you're soooo right. I think popular people want to be described as "awkward" so it'll give their character more dimension. As for me, in only sounds like false humility.

    But then I remember ANTM and how Tyra likes that "awkward" look on models. She thinks it makes them unique.

  4. haha thank you so much for this post! the whole concept of "adorkable" just confuses me. As someone whose awkward in the non-cute, socially mal-adjusted way (meaning that 90% of my time is spent on the internet and actually human relationships are minimal if existent), I really don't understand the new nerdy fad. People who get laid every night are NOT nerds. Nerds are the robotics and AV club. Nerds are people who have actually figured out season 6 of doctor who but still don't know what deodorant is. your write-ups are always so funny and wonderfully accurate!

  5. i love this. you have a gift when it comes to mixing certain colors and textures. this is very well done. a little jealous, if i may say so. haha. 0=)~

    also, where is this magical, mystical place where being awkward/weird is somehow sexy, charming and just basically acceptable? hehe. at one time, i would say, draw me a map to that place! however, now, i've accepted my awkwardness and introspective behavior for what it is and i'm OK with it.

    in this regard and from a purely subjective perspective, i don't think i'm cool AT ALL. however, if the tide is changing such that i am somehow objectively awesome just for being awkward..well..who am i to complain? ;P


    – Anna

  6. I think you summed up awkwardness just perfectly… I experienced my very own awkward moment this past weekend and it was not at all cute or charming; I had the chance to meet someone I'd been very anxious to meet for a long time and found myself with nothing to say. All words fled my mind. That is true awkwardness and I still want to run away from it. Maybe we're both grannies, but I do think teenagers these days are confused about what being awkward really means 🙂 On an unrelated note, I love the way you put together this layered look, especially the socks over your jeans and that big cozy sweater!

  7. Cute look. Thanks for stating these quite clearly. I never thought guys playing video games were viewed as hot nerds. Hmm. Don't know what to think of that.

  8. Cute look. Thanks for stating these quite clearly. I never thought guys playing video games were viewed as hot nerds. Hmm. Don't know what to think of that.

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