The Avengening of the testosterone

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Hi guys, I’ve been pretty busy doing nothing, sorry about that 😀 I have finals and soon will be graduating…if I do take my finals..really don’t care that much it’s been a waste of time anyway. So, instead of studying I went
to see the Avengers the other day. I was hoping for something showing a
bit more flesh…testosterone overflow!!!! Here is me and Robbie Sexy
Junior trying to find our way through the darkness XD… what a load of
crap ! And an outfit I dag up from my favorite vintage, online shop velvet corset + long, patterned skirt and a studded belt- all second hand.
Sorry for the cables, can’t find a descent place for photographing…

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11 thoughts on “The Avengening of the testosterone”

  1. i love how you mix patterns and i adore the studded belt <3 and i love the bracelet <3
    this look reminds me of wonder woman idk why , but i love it 🙂

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