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ABOUT DAMN TIME this stupid August finally died off like an overrated withered sunflower! Summer is in my top 10 most despised things, alongside with plucking my own eyebrows, movies with a kid as the protagonist, giving directions (most of the time I have no idea where I am and where I’m going) and underage boy bands. Seeing August go by like a nervous fart from a casually passing by pedestrian was the highlight of my year! Even better, I have a few appetizing August favorites I wanted to share with you ladies and gents! (Are there any gents reading this? SPEAK NOW or forever lurk in the shadows!) So, here are this stupid month’s favorites!

 Favorite Fashion Thingy
Well, to be more precise I have two fashion thingies to share with you! Not ONE but TWO, only for the price of nothing, or if you’re feeling generous for the price of your precious time being wasted reading all this nonsense! Ahem….continuing with the favorites…I saw these steampunk looking green mirror shades at a street vendor and wasn’t sure if they suited my awkwardly shaped face. I have a serious issue with glasses and any type of frame makes me look like an insect with lipstick. My face wasn’t meant to be hidden away with glasses, it’s too pretty! Just look at that majestic forehead!
I was with my sister when I tried these shades on and she liked them so much she bought them for me. Thankies sis, you’re the best, I shall treat you with a Somersby! The more I wore these glasses the more I fell in love and now our destinies are intertwined! ^_^ I wear them daily and I especially love how they hide my eyes from people, now I can stare at beautiful females without being labeled a creep.

The heart shaped sunnies are from Choies, you probably saw them already in my last outfit post and oh man, these are such an eye catcher! When I go outside with these, they grab the attention of even the most fashion indifferent human, or maybe it’s just my awesome personality and long legs! Bahahhahhahah!
One of you guys asked me if it felt weird seeing half pink half blue, well actually, you only see pink when you wear them. But one time I was sitting on a bench and bent over to take my beer off the ground and they must have wiggled somehow, because everything turned blue all of a sudden and being the overly optimistic person I am, I immediately concluded I must be having a stroke. Thankfully I adjusted them and everything got back to normal.

 Favorite Historical Documentary

I caught this documentary on Viasat History and not only is it super interesting and tells the story of crazy wars and even crazier kings, but the presenter Dan Jones immediately hooked me in with his charm, like an obese hungry shark on a yummy piece of tuna. The Plantagenets had all the fundamental elements for a messed up dynasty, one with sex, betrayal, anger, just plain craziness, you name it! Game of Thrones can put on its lady pants and hide!

One of my favorite moments from the documentary is when King Henry Insertwhatevernumber’s son is captured and imprisoned. Throughout his imprisonment he used to play horse racing games with the guards. His favorite type of game was to often swap the horses to see which one was the fastest. His captors thought this was cool and fun, until he actually found the fastest horse and escaped with it during one of their not at all suspicious games. This is so absurd it can only happen in real life.

Favorite Beauty Products

You already know about the Miss Manga Punky Indigo mascara, I did a rather unprofessional review of it on the blog, but one other goodie I recently bought is this hair spray from Alverde with lotus and violet rice (whatever that is!). To be honest I got the hair spray just because the bottle was cute and pink, but I actually like it. Alverde are famous for their ecological approach towards creating their products, they use natural ingredients and many of their products have the “vegan” stamp on them. 
The hair spray is supposed to fixate your hairdo and give your hair shine and volume. I didn’t really notice any change in shine, but my hair does tend to be more bouncy when I use it and it smells divine!

Favorite Thrift Find

Okay, before you go all “Keit, you’ve lost your marbles, buying sweaters in the summer!?” let me explain! This sweater is special, I’ve been wearing it in a 30°C heat and feeling as fresh as a lemon slice! The secret is in the material, fit and shape. It’s made from a blend of cotton and polyacryl which makes it super soft, comfy and sweat free. Also, it’s a size XL so it fits me like a sack of potatoes, which is my favorite fit and gives a lot of room for fresh air to move around your boobs and other meat area.
The guy I often buy sandwiches from told me twice already he’s melting inside just by looking at my sweater and I told him twice my new sweater is super kewl and breezy, so talk to the haaaand!
Here is mah new sweater in action! Observe the stereotypical blogger pose in its natural habitat.
Coffee? Check!
Cat? Check!
Pretty clothes and almost epilated legs? Check!

The “I totally look like this at home!” fake pose.

And here we have reality! This is how I usually (always) read and comment your blogs on my tablet.

Hairy, stained, oversize t-shirt? Check!

Greasy hair tied in a pony tail? Check!

My favorite swim shorts I wear at home cause I have no life? Check!
Junk food? Check!

Imagine this image every time I leave a comment on your lovely blogs! @_@

And with this we end my August favorites rambles! Hope you likey, let me know how do you guys prefer reading and commenting your favorite blogs? Also, have you used any of Alverde’s products?
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17 thoughts on “August Favorites”

  1. only you can make such a hillarious description of August. It's a month I loveeee, but I did enjoy you hate it for some reason:) ha ha ha ha….

    anyhow, it was fun reading your favs. I once bough a brown mascara from Alverde and it was crappy but then I bought this two sides eye pencil (silver and black) and it is totally awesome, I use it all the time. I basically don't buy make up or beauty products very often or in large quantities so I can always remember what I used or bought:) the packaging of that hair sprey sure is cute!

    Both sunnies look fantastic on you…they make me think of nineties when the kind of plastic sunnies one could buy would be cheap but of horrible quality but we would wear them all the same despite the fact that they gave us headache. Today we can buy both crazy sunnies and not go blind…so what is there to complain about?:)

    I don't own a tablet so no I don't read blogs that way…Lately I'm using my husband pc because my laptop has reached old age and isn't working anymore….those pics with you and the cat are adorable. I have this stray cat that I feed but she is kind of crazy and a moment ago she bites….maybe I'm the crazy one to feed her in the first place.

  2. All I've ever wanted was to be super skinny and able to wear sack of potato-fit clothing. But can I have that? No! I just have to admire it on you, instead because potato sacks do not look a s cool on me as they do on you. Also, I did not know that blue vision was a sign of having a stroke. That is news to me. I once had a vision of ectoplasm swirling around in my living room but that turned out to be an ocular migraine. xoxoxo

  3. Oh gosh, these heart-shaped sunnies are the best!! They somehow remind me of my favorite movie 'Fear&Loathing in las Vegas' – what is definitely a good thing! 😀

    XX, Sara.

  4. Hahaha, firstly I totes adore you even more after reading this August faves post of yours! I mean you're the first beauty/style blogger ever to include intense historical documentary shows as favorites and that you told the sandwich guy to talk to the hand – gosh, how adorable are you in real life, woman? I will confess I keep staring at the coffee you're holding and completely blur out everything else aside the cat and the junk food. Brilliant post that got me weirdly happy, thank you darling!

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    1. Hahaha, the "talk to the hand" comment was just a thing I wrote for all the peoplez who read this and think the sweater is too much for summer. Guess I wrote it with my ass and it's not very understandable. 😀
      To the guy I kept explaining how awesome and breezy the sweater is and kept repeating: It has holes,breezy holes, is okaaay!!!

  5. I totally feel you there! I legit wear black in the hot weather or attempt to layer in the heat causing everyone around me to cringe . Is it weird to say I already imagined you like that when you comment on my blog. lol

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