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September has arrived!…I can’t think of anything witty to say…Pumpkins? Fuzzy socks? Rain boots? The weather here is drastically changing and I’m getting sleepy, as soon as it gets dark at 9 pm, because apparently, I’m a chicken! Apart from this life altering change, I can gladly say bye bye Summer. It’s been a swell one month of sunshine and three months of what the fuck. Now it’s time for layering, the new season of Boardwalk Empire and a series of Silent Hill-esque foggy days.
My favorites this month are somewhat modest, considering my “thrilling” and “exciting” way of life. We’ll start off with my favorite tv series. 

First 2 seasons

I want to emphasize on the FIRST TWO SEASONS part! The show has a great start, it’s captivating, the characters are alive and interesting, although sometimes extremely annoying, and the story is promising. 
People have been battling the Cylons (human invented machines), until one day they finally sign a truce. After 40 years of silence, for unknown reasons, the Cylons attack, obliterating almost the entire world. The crew of Battlestar Galactica are forced to flee and save a small portion of the population, their objective is finding another Earth where they can finally settle. Sounds like a classic sci-fi, pizza-appropriate show right? Wrong!
The first two seasons are a blast! The boyfriend has seen the whole show and told me that after the second season, it gets dumb, but I didn’t believe him. I couldn’t believe they could possibly ruin a good show like that, although I have been proved wrong in the past…True Blood anyone? *shivers in discomfort*.
It’s still a pretty good nerdy show though, so off it goes into the favorites basket!
Speaking of baskets…. 
Favorite New Purchase – DAH BIKE!
I never knew a bike could be so handy and could make me so happy. I got it second hand and strapped two baskets just in case the front one didn’t fit enough beer. Riding a bike has been a life saver, no more groping on the bus, no more smelly sweaty pieces of flesh aka human beings, just a lot of cars passing, screaming and sending greetings to my mother. The one I got is for females, which I couldn’t quite understand…why females? What’s so different about it? Well it turns out the framework is lower, so you could ride it with skirts and fancy dresses! I’m 25 and still have no clue of elementary mechanics, but I can cook potatoes!
Favorite Fashion Find

I found this choker in a random metal shop in a city we were vacationing in. It’s got everything a girl needs: leather, some skulls & feathers! The verbal exchange with the shopkeeper was intense: 
– Hi, may I see the choker with those small thingies hanging from it?
– You mean the feathers? 
– Yeah! The thingies!
Favorite Song
I’m not into girly songs very much, but I’ve been feeling melancholic lately and this one struck a chord in my teenage heart. Since I was 13, I’ve been an avid lover of metal music. While my sis was listening to Christina Aguilera and imitating her dancing choreography, I was shaking my head to Rammstein and trying to figure out what they were saying. Turns out “hoden” isn’t a type of sandwich!     
Favorite fugly, but practical item
Fanny packs, the anti – aphrodisiac of all time! Just one of these suckers strapped on the waist will keep your virginity forever. Being a “somewhat fashion blogger” I really didn’t want to add this to my wardrobe, but the truth is they’re so practical I broke my one fashion rule. They’re awesome when it comes to easy reach for important crap, especially when riding dah bike. At least I got a leather one, still looks dumb though!
So these are the August Favorites! Let me know what are your favorites from last month! ^_^
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15 thoughts on “August Favorites”

  1. haha, the funny pack. a few days ago I got myself a funny pack. mine is covered with studs though and I actually quite like it (because I got it for free :D). it's just a very practical piece. anyway, I loved the story behind the favourite necklace. sounds like you 😉 and I also like your bike. when it comes to my own favourites… well, I have no idea… I did kind of like the PLL finale and I've been enjoying the fresh goodies coming from our greenhouse. that's it I think! how boring, right? 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. The video for Rammstein's Sonne is the best music video of all time, but I had no idea what those fellas were saying.
    I don't see anything wrong with fanny packs, or bum bags as they are called here in the UK. They may never be a style staple, but sometimes functionality wins through.
    I thought the Cylons were from Dr Who, shows what I know about both BG and Dr Wjo, haha!

    Gems x

  3. First of all I must mention that I played the Walking Dead on my iPhone. It's awesome 😀 I've started loving Zombies and the blood lol haha 😀
    You're so beautiful Keit, there is something in your face what makes me smile and brings so many positive energy 😉
    The little purse is awesome! I want it and I want to wear it as a backpack!
    And the bike 😀 Finally I can see it <3 It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G <3

  4. I so want to steal that chocker you don't even understand! That convo was foreals intense I felt it through my computer screen dude. AHAHAH the fanny pack man I think of Nicki Minaj now when I see it because she wore it in anaconda

  5. I had the same experience with Dexter – awesome for the first season and sucky and predictable for all the other seasons. (But the first few seasons of Battlestar are awesome!) And ooooh, bike! I always thought it was a man-hater who invented bikes, give the dudes the ball buster but it makes sense, it is easier to ride in a skirt in a girls bike. And I happy you won't have to deal with all of the gross-ness on the buses anymore.

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