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April has been a generous month for me. Perhaps because of my Birthday on the 20th of April, people thought I had some connection with Hitler and they were too afraid to face me without bearing magnificent gifts, perhaps it’s because I was quite sad this month, but managed to step on my feet and get on with life the best way I can – immersing myself in the world of video games, beer and pink stuff. Without making you hold your breath with anticipation (I know you are), here are my April favorites!

Favorite Makeup Thingy

The world is a place filled with wonders. A place where cold pizza is almost as good as sex, where your dentist will ask you where you graduated when your mouth is full with saliva and you’re in agonizing pain, where 9% of the times when you are feeling absolutely exhausted riding the public transport, a granny will assure you she is most surely more exhausted than you and demand you give her your seat. Wonders I tell you! This is why I wasn’t surprised, when I spent three months searching for an orange eyeliner in the most expensive stores, when I finally gave up and found one in a dodgy looking Chinese shop near our neighborhood.

I first saw the orange eye makeup in the Spring 2015 trends and I fell madly in love with it. Surprisingly it works well with hazel eyes, double yay!
The great thing about my new dodgy eyeliner is that it’s a lip liner as well, so if you have herpes you can directly transfer it to other parts of your body! Cool! If I have to be serious though and this is a hard task right now, cause I just ate a pancake and I’m feeling fuzzy inside, the eyeliner is everything I wanted ever! It’s vivid, the texture is perfect and it’s easy to apply. I’ve never heard of this brand USHAS, have any of you guys heard of it?

Favorite Fashion Find

Moving onto pink territory let me introduce you to my new cutesy wutesy sneakers! You saw them debut on my Instagram, but photos don’t do them justice, because they’re more amazing in person and up close. They have a slight platform and make me taller, and the platform has glitter inside………GLITTER I TELL YA! An outfit post featuring these babies is coming soon!

Another Makeup Thingy

Two cosmetic favorites in one month? This is madness! I’ve never been into makeup that much, but I’m slowly starting to understand what the hype is all about. I found this adorable egg-like lip balm in another Chinese store and it was called “Bear lipstick”. I think it’s supposed to say Berries instead of Bear, but hey, I might be mistaken. This could be a lip balm especially for bears, they are prone to dry muzzles.

Favorite Book

Last year I was searching for a good book on the history of fashion and I wanted one that had a wall of text, but pretty pictures as well, to help me visualize. My brain has trouble visualizing, it feels challenged every time you make it do something different than think of dark scenarios that would absolutely go wrong and think of what to wear tomorrow. Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century is exactly the kind of book my brain needed. It is a two volumes set that comes with a luxurious case. The overall weight of everything is around 6kg….Now, that’s a fashion book!

The volumes consists of 500 photographs of clothing selected from the Kyoto Costume Institute. The Institute was established in 1978 by Koichi Tsukamoto and its collection consists of over 12,000 costume items, and more than 20,000 printed documents. What’s most interesting is the Kyoto Costume Institute made its own mannequins according to the various body types people had in the past, understanding that today’s mannequins are shaped quite differently and wouldn’t represent the clothing in a realistic manner.
The downside is the book is mostly centered on Western fashion, but still, it’s a brilliant and informative book with lavishing photos that are so detailed it almost feels like traveling back in time.

Favorite Nerd Stuff
Last in my favorites list, but not in my heart, are two nerdy stuff I made people buy me for the Birthday. The first is an Xbox controller. I don’t have an Xbox but boyfriend connected my computer with our TV screen and the computer with the Xbox controller. Why? Because you can now play any game which has a controller option, while lying on the bed like a fat whale, eating microwaved popcorn and watching everything on your huge TV screen! Yay? Seriously, I can’t wait for The Witcher 3 to be finally released this month, my nonexistent social life would evaporate even more. 
Second nerdy thingy is Mortal Kombat game, which I really suck at, but I’ll be practicing and hopefully I’ll suck 15% less in the future. Special thanks to my sister for this awesome gift, thankyouuuuuuu!!!!!
So these are my April Favorites you guys, let me know what were your favorites this past month! ^_^
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12 thoughts on “April Favorites”

  1. I love your writing! You pull me in as a reader and make me feel as if I've known you for years.

    Video games, beer and pink stuff….sounds like my everyday favorites. Lately, I've been playing Dragon Age, it's addictive quality has me under its spell. I try not to rush through video games otherwise I'm always left with regret, but it's so hard to keep yourself from playing when it's in your bedroom!

    Love, Amy

  2. Orange eyeliner? I'd never thought it would look god on anyone – but girl, again you nailed it! 😀
    And hey: Happy belated birthday, you freaking gorgous person!

    XX, Sara

  3. my April favourites? gosh, who knows! Revenge that ended yesterday but I will watch the last episode today. super exciting!!! 😀 and then of course Papa's Hot Doggeria. they will release a new game some time soon and I'm excited about that as well! but I will show some of my fashion favourites when I'm ready with the new post. okay, now about your orange thingy. it definitely looks fierce on you! and those Barbie pink trainers are beyond awesome too. too bad I already own boring trainers from Nike and Adidas. they're like 10 or 15 years old but still decent enough so no new trainers for me. boo. oh and that fashion book looks pretty cool indeed! I recently watched 50 Shades of Grey and thought maybe I should finally read the books that have been sitting on my book shelf since last year. have you watched/read it??

    Maiken – Part of me

  4. Mortal kombat? This takes me back to elementary school. I used to play that video-game with a guy I had a crush on so I never really nailed it….but I loved the game and even watched all those cheesy action movies.

    I love the orange eye and lip liner! it looks great on you…and that bear lip gloss looks great…yes, I think they probably meant berries…I once read this post by one guy about how in Asia they sometimes use English names for products without checking what they mean, so there is this snack that is called homo sausage. 🙂 But not to make fun of the Asians, recently I also learned that in some Croatian restaurant instead of lamb they wrote a baby in German ( I don't know how it is spelled, I don't know German but it must be funny). Imagine the Germans reading it and thinking they're in some horror film. Not that the English speaking world is much better. I have never heard a BBC host pronounce a Slavic last name correctly. People are so lazy sometimes…I mean dictionaries are out there….there free versions online.

    That fashion book is wonderful…I use adore big and heavy books!!! Working out and reading at the same time…a win win situation.

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