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    Have you ever experienced a whole day of apathy? A whole day of staring senselessly at the window with a stained pajama and slices of pizza, rolling around your feet like tumbleweed.

I’ve had my shares with apathy through the years and it always comes as a surprise. It usually reappears after weeks of happiness and unwillingness to admit, that most of the world is a fucked up place.
Yesterday I would have shed tears of joy at a cheesy Christmas movie, now I couldn’t even show the slightest signs of sadness, while playing the last episode of “The walking dead” game. And let me tell you, not crying at the end of “The Walking dead” is like withstanding to watch a kitty video, it’s that impossible!
Generally, in these apathetic, foggy, winter days I just want to curl up on the sofa, wrapped in something suspiciously resembling clothes, watching “Ancient Aliens” and munching on a cheese cracker. 
In such desperate days, people assume I need cheering up, with desperate measures. What they don’t understand is, that I’m not sad, I just don’t care anymore. Energy fuel for pretending that everything is fabulous and pink, is just drained. 
So whenever they see me lying like a jellyfish, with cheese crumbs falling on the laptop and greasy hair, they assume that going out is the best solution. But for a person who sees “taking a shower” as some sort of an Apollonian act, going out means: ” I want to open your brain and feast off your amygdala!”. 
What makes it even worse, is when your friends are on the phone, or on Skype with some other dudes and they straight up and ask you: “Hey Kate, how would you like to go out with, whoever the fuck wants to hang out with a lazy bum like you?”
The other person is waiting anxiously for an answer, while you’re wondering how to kill as slowly as possible your friend. So, of course you say “YES, sure, why NOT!”.
I can’t say: “Hell no, I wanna spend the whole day watching Ancient Aliens and feel sorry for my self”.  That would be rude…
And so you go out and people wonder why you’ve been silent for over 2 hours now, and it’s getting kind of awkward.
Do you have apathetic days? How do you spend them?
Fashiony part: Leather jacket back in action :D, Batman men’s sweatshirt, Red rusty jeans- New Yorker.

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41 thoughts on “Apathy and TEH leather jacket”

  1. well, I must admit I don't experience those days because I don't have time to spend on going out anyway and I enjoy those few hours I can spend at home after the long workday. I have SO much to do at home, honestly! 😀
    ps. that Batman tee is awesome! and just some hours ago I thrifted a Lacoste sweater from men's department and I love it!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Gaah…i am going through the whole slew of those days right now and I am tired of not giving a shit…watch movie after movie eventually something some where will click and you'll feel energized again…LOVE the leather jacket HUGGS

  3. Well, a Batman sweater usually does wonders for apathy. 😉 That or pony cuddles. (It's impossible to feel apathy when snuggling up to fuzzy cuddle-ball with a whiskery nose. That could of course, just be me!) But the going out stuff? Yeah, never works. I get grumpy and just fall asleep. I'm awesome company that way.

    And I'm just going to sigh in delight over the Batman sweater and leather jacket together.

  4. such a rad outfit! i love the slightly longer than expected silhouette of the leather jacket and all those buckles look so cool (don't think i could ever wear them though, i would get way too distracted attempting to unbuckle and then re-buckle them). Apathetic days are kind cyclically expectable for me, like an anual flu or monthly breakouts. They usually come on sundays and are almost without fail spent driving to the middle of nowhere while driving copious amounts of soda and eating cereal. So healthy, right? Love this post!

  5. love those pants! ya I'm having quite a few of those apathetic days lately… thanks for your kind words, I do feel a lot better this week than last, hope you are feeling better as well!

  6. Yeah, I know the feeling. I've been in kind of a rut for…oh I dunno..the past two months. Heh. I'm in a state of transition and the change is….not appreciated. Let's put it that way. Yeah. So, what do I do? I spend hours sifting through fashion sites, not eating very much(forgetting to eat is a bad habit of mine which is exacerbated with boredom..weird, I know), drinking a lot of specialty beverages at coffee shops within walking distance and playing video games. Yep. I'm a wreck. Heh. It's so hard to dig myself out of this, too. I will keep trying, though.

    Oh and that f*cking jacket! <3 Still love it. 😀

    – Anna


  7. If I know these days? Hell yeah, I guess I invented them. 😀
    I love this batman-sweater (as I am a big fan, but just own a shirt!) and you rock this look as usual. 🙂

    Xx, Saritschka.

  8. Wow. This jacket is really something – but can I admit that I'm a little distracted by the awesomeness of your Batman hoodie? I've been a Batman fan since I was little, what can I say?
    PS: I'm not sure I mentionned it, but I love your new banner!

  9. First of all I am huge fan of batman ( I grew up with 2 older brothers) Second i hate being set up but I love setting up people and thirdly yes I have moody days way too often, I think when you are a creative person you have more of those days. I just want to be left alone, listen to my music (beach house, daughter, radiohead, Bat for lashes and many more) yes and if possible have popcorn dinners and wine all by myself xx

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