Apathetic cats and Overalls

As mentioned earlier, I usually withstand pain like a cockroach being squashed for the 10th time and still trying desperately to get on that cheese. Not only does my brain devour enormous amounts of pain and not give a damn, but I love being sick, because then I have an excuse to be lazy. If I have a fever, it doesn’t matter how high it is, I would lay happily on the couch, like Jabba the Hutt for days, watching “Firefly”, not complaining the slightest, but giving the appropriate, needed signs to show I’m sick enough to be spoiled.
That said, it really surprised me how pussified I was (turned into a pussy) these past few days when I caught a horrific flue. I have no idea why, but if you are sick, the worst always comes at night. No sleep for the damned, because of bodily functions I prefer not to share with my readers -_- . Apart from the horrific pain and lack of medicine, the only good show on TV was “Ancient Aliens” and even the bullshit they showed, couldn’t help through that hell. And as most of the self proclaimed doctors on the internet, I twas conquered by the desire to check with google, what the hell was wrong with me. And you know the universal law of googling your symptoms right? In 90 percent of the time it turns out you have cancer and no way you’re gonna live through it. You might as well give up already, why struggle at all?
Seeing on google that I was going to die, didn’t help the slightest bit! And as sad as it sounds, the only thing that kept me sane, were my cats, who were laying beside me, looking at me with their huge, blue buttons with such apathy and imperturbable boredom, I couldn’t keep on feeling bad about myself. They seemed to not give a damn so much, I suddenly felt the urge to kick their assess, as soon as I felt better. And I did, which was the next day.
I wanted to introduce you to these unsympathetic creatures of the night, so if you happen to see them somewhere, kick their ass from me again!
This is Muffin. She’s a huge, carpet-like, traumatized cat, that we bought when 1 year old. Her favorite activities are peeing wherever is clean and eating until throwing up.

This is Firefox. A cross-eyed idiot that makes squicky sounds, always! She loves bumping into glass and making squicky sounds.

Fashiony part: My sister bought this cardi from Topshop that was yet again, made for skinny people with eating disorders. It looks great with everything because it has every color imaginable on it. But Buffy’s overalls of depression were my first pick. Put on some yellow socks and the wedge sneakers from River Island.

Did I mention she’s a box addict? Yeah, she and every other cat on this planet!

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48 thoughts on “Apathetic cats and Overalls”

  1. The cats are so beautiful, these pics make me miss my baby so much!

    And you look great as always, the cardigan is really cute and I love the yellow socks! 🙂

    Xx, Saritschka.

  2. firstly, this bright floral piece is the cutest! and secondly, your cats! I'm someone who doesn't like cats at all but when I saw those two I thought "wow, how incredibly adorable!!". btw, animals make the best company when you're sad. they don't talk back or argue, only watch you with their cutest eyes.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Оздравявай бързо! Котките ти са много сладки и пухкави ^^ А блузката е симпатична, навява ретро атмосфера.

  4. Oh my god, yes, Firefly! One of my all time favorite shows, so worth being sick to lay around watching that all day! (I'm awful, I can never watch just one episode.) Those naughty (and cute cats!) cats of yours, that weren't much for playing nursemaids, it's good to hear you're feeling better!

    I have such a special place in my heart for overalls. Back when they were popular in the 90s, I got a pair to wear for the first day of school, wayyyy back in middle school. Looking back, they were so ugly, but I looked them. 🙂 Yours are way cuter, I like them as shorts with the cute little floral top!

  5. LOL! Your cats are adorable!!! Makes me feel like squeezing them because they are just too cute!!
    I like your young and chic outfit. You definitely look like you are ready to go out on the weekend =)

  6. Your cats re sok cute!
    This cardigan is beautiful, I love when floral pattern have many coors. And I love how you parked it with overalls. Very unexpected, and original. You have a new follower!

  7. Your cats are beautiful!!! I love their beautiful blue eyes 🙂 hahaha I laughed when you said topshop made clothes specially for skinny people with eating disorders, I guess I am one of them BUT i am trying so freaking hard to gain weight! Totally dislike my skinny and flat body :b

    Anyways, you look so cute in the overall!!

  8. О, това е много хубаво! Жилетката е страхотна, да не говорим колко ми харесват кецовете… Трябва да се бия през ръцете да не поръчвам от някъде подобни 🙁

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