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Well dang, I’m so happy with my collaborations with Choies, it almost freaks me out. I ordered two new goodies  from their store this month, one of them was this loose-fitting plaid dress
The past couple of days, Cthulhu has been generous towards Bulgaria. We have 18-20 degrees sunshine mindfuck! I mean, come on, its February! Not that I’m complaining, but it’s still weird. Anyways, I immediately took my dress for a sunshine spin, before the cat hairs were able to conquer it and claim it for their own. 

I was feeling extremely lazy and slobbish this day, (every day, to be honest…) so I rolled up the sleeves (just like an ex convict) and slipped into my new platform sneakers. What draw my attention towards the dress is that it can be altered to whatever shape and style suits you. Just throw in a belt and some high heels and it can easily pass as an elegant piece.

~~Messy Hair, Don’t Care! ~~
Does anyone have a major messy hair problem? I browse through so many blogs and in every freakin post, the head is a pure perfection of proportion and sleekly combed, glossy hair. It makes me saaaad!

Plaid dress- c/o Choies, Platform Sneakers- Second hand, Necklace- Swarovski (old as my grandma). 
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26 thoughts on “Choies Collab: Plaid Loose-Fitting Dress”

  1. Как винаги си толкова приказна не знам 🙂 А за косата … да не ти пука изобщо много си ти е добре даже. Иначе и аз имам същия проблем – има си косата собствено мнение за как да изглежда и това си е 😀


  2. That's a nice dress, but what caught my attention was definitely the last picture.That's such a stunning picture! You look amazing!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  3. Плами ме е изпреварила и за да не я повтарям ще добавя само – голямо LIKE от мен 😉
    И от известно време се каня да те питам – какво ти е червилото?

  4. okay, your hair doesn't actually look messy 😀 you should see my hair these days when the weather does everything to ruin it. anyway, this new dress is definitely very "you". I also like the old but valuable necklace and I'm looking forward to seeing new outfits with the dress! heels and belt, you know 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Don't be sad about the hair, love. My hair is extremely thick and flies all over the place. It will never be glossy and sleek. Embrace the crazy! I just call it movement. 😉

    Adorable outfit, as always. I love the print on that dress! It's quite the standout. And, of course, you made it cheeky with the heart tights.


  6. slobbish, haha, whatever! this is way too cute to be slobbish. You make me wanna don my neon Palladium sneakers after seeing this… I'm a little in love with that plaid dress of yours!

    18-20 degrees?! Oh yeah, that's SO warm! Brrr, dude!

  7. First things first, we need to talk about your hair. Because every time I come to your blog, I sit here and pout because my hair doesn't look like yours. And you think there's something wrong with it?! You're crazy. I love it. I would kill for my hair to do anything like yours, even for a day. But I was born with a lion's mane where my hair should be. The grass is always greener, I guess. Also – you are the only person I know who could pull of this dress with trainers. Amazing.

  8. LOL I am also a slob and lazy too when it comes to dressing, it may not seem so but I am, but having a closet made out of most of black, white and greys helps me not look so crazy when Ia m blindly picking out things to wear.
    This Celine inspired print looks good on you. I know i have said this before but you do colour and prints so well. You ar alike my nemesis(in a good way) xx

  9. You are so beautiful! And the dress is really nice.
    I have messy hair days every day, unless I decide to use the flat iron on them, which I can't do every day in order not to damage my thin hair.

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