Alice Madness Returns

This post is going to be a quicky one, just to show off my Halloween costume and I’m off to get irresponsibly drunk! Bulgaria is not big on Halloween, but who the hell cares, when you have an opportunity to dress like someone other than your miserable self!
I’ve had enough of Keit this year, so I’m planning on being Alice from Madness Returns today.The madness is all present, now I just have to dress up!

I love the bad ass, bug eyed character in this game. The only thing we have in common are the green eyes and that she jumps a lot, so there’s that! This is the first time I did eye shadow too….it’s so hard! How do you people put eye shadow on your eyes without smudging everything? I think I smudged eye shadow on my cats, eye shadow everywhere! O_O  

So what say you? Do you likey? Do you guys celebrate Halloween? What creepy, slutty monster are you going to be this year? 

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16 thoughts on “Alice Madness Returns”

  1. I love this costume…especially the skull in the bow! And if you get a nosebleed, you are totally covered!(in blood 😉
    Relax, your eyeshadow looks great, although your eyes now look hilariously large…no just kidding!
    I always forget I'm wearing it and rub my eyes and then the rest of me is wearing it too! Enjoy your night! Xo JJ

  2. wow, Keit, your make-up is.. how do I say it? strong? 😀 well, it sure is and it looks really cool with your Alice costume. I myself know nothing about fancy make-up (I even find it a pointless mask for the ones who are trying to hide themselves instead of respecting their actual faces. I mean the ones who constantly put TONS of stuff on their faces). anyway, we don't celebrate Halloween here in Estonia (only some nightclubs throw those thematic parties) but I still love your costume and those spunky photos!

    Part of me

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