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Hi everyone! How is your week so far? The boyfriend fell from his bike and stretched his tendon, so now he’s crippling like a zombie. This didn’t stop me from forcing him to take my outfit photos of course, there’s a special kind of hell for people like me. 
Forcing a cripple to take your photos is a whole new lever of evil, but he’s been ordering me around nonstop to buy him beer, so I guess this makes us even? He’s half beer half human now!
Few days ago, I was contacted by Alexbuy, to review one of their gemstone necklaces. If you don’t know who they are, Alexbuy are an online store offering various merchandise, clothes and jewelry included. I received the necklace in two weeks, which is like the golden rule of ordering now, I receive everything in two weeks! The communication with customer service was painless and very enjoyable, which I deeply appreciate.
The box is what I love the most. It is a gorgeous mix of pink and red velvet, perfect for gifting to an undeserving friend, or an imaginary one, like mine!
I was wondering how to style this necklace, I wanted to keep its feminine charm, but add a little Keiti pepper to it as well, so I landed on a classy/casual ensemble consisted of a silver cami dress, a slouchy bright cardigan and the hologram biker boots. For balance, I added the mirror glasses and silver clutch. 

Gosh, I look so bored in here, why do I keep making faces like that? I swear, I wasn’t bored at all, I was laughing at my crippled boyfriend…as I said – a special…kind…of… hell…

Have you guys ever ordered anything from Alexbuy? What was your impression? 

Silver cami dress – Frontrowshop, Hologram cut out boots – Fashionthirsty, Cardigan and silver clutch – thrifted, Mirror glasses- H&M, Gemstone necklace- c/o Alexbuy.
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22 thoughts on “Alexbuy Gemstone necklace & Silver Cami Dress”

  1. How can we miss you! Shining like a star from the screen. Who knew silver and yellow went so well together? My favourite is the yellow shiny sunglasses. Be gentle on the poor boyfriend! He did a nice job with your pics as usual. Hope you don't find an excuse to fall off your bike and stretch a tendon! 😉 XO JJ

  2. to be honest with you I hadn't even heard of Alexbuy so no experience, obviously. but even though you're wearing quite a few shiny pieces here you still managed to make it look beautifully subtle and definitely feminine. that's magic! I especially love the colour of your cardi, it looks just perfect next to shiny silver. and nice job with the photos, of course!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Wo! I wouldn't know how to rock a neckless like this, afraid to become too clasic. But you styled it so well with your unique style, great job *not bad face here* ! This yellow awakes everything and is smart to associate with silver too as it's close to grey finaly. You rox ^3^
    Have a good day!

  4. ahah thank you 🙂 I found the cracker keychains in a flea! 😀
    which banner???

    You are so beautiful!!! <3 as always! 😉
    haha you're like me, you forcing people to take your picture! 3:)

  5. Hahaha your posts never fail to leave me in stitches. You're one of y favorite writers, I have decided. And to make your bf take pics even though he's a cripple… We can call that recovery, right?

    You look sexily bored in these photos but that's okay because nonchalance is totally acceptable in fashion posts. I love all that yellow, Keit!! Work it!

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