Again with the high waist + Choies Navy T-shirt

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Guess what, male readers! It’s time for the dreaded mom pants again! Throw up as you might, I can’t seem to get enough of the high waist panties. And you know what’s worse? Parallel to the mom jeans trend, the mom/granny underwear has started to emerge as well. 
Yeah, that’s the one! If dirty white panties stretched, as up as your neck, don’t make your blood boil, then I don’t know what else will!
Grandma underwear aside, this looky here is an absolute favorite. One of the props of being a fashion blogger is getting goodies from cool brands like Choies.  I’ve been pathetically watering my keyboard with saliva, for a couple of months now, after I checked out their Fall collection. So when they contacted me for a collaboration I immediately picked up this navy t-shirt and a yellow cardi, which I’m going to post later.

I’m surprised by how thick this t-shirt is, I was expecting something very thin, but now I can wear it for our freaky Bulgarian winter! (Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of two gallons of rum with vodka and absinthe.)

Navy 32 t-shirt with stars- Choies, High waist tartan pants- Second hand, bag-Nowistyle.

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25 thoughts on “Again with the high waist + Choies Navy T-shirt”

  1. Those underpants eeeeks 😀
    Love your style once again, Funny enuff I wore high-waisted tartan pants yesterday too! But didn't tuck the shirt in them since they are really tight on the butt xD.

  2. I must confess I hate tartan pants (nothing personal of course) 😛 but no worries, you seem to wear them the way I hate them less. I guess it's because the tee stole the show and I didn't even notice the pants in the first place. oh and I love it how colourful your look is! plus I did reply your comment under my most recent post, I'm not sure if you got the reply so I thought I would tell you just in case 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Those trouserrrrrssss!!!! I will admit I have almost replaced all my "normal" underwear with high-waisted, granny style ones. I'm not even embarrased. They're freaking sexy and WAY more comfortable to wear than those little scraps of lace that stores want me to wear!

  4. Bhahaha, Keit, your posts never fail to make me laugh. So granny panties are coming into style now? Hmmmm… might be something I will avoid. 😉 But thanks for the update!

    Your pants are rad and plaid and I'm super glad you're wearing them. There are some rhymes for ya.

  5. THOSE PANTS. They are fantastic. I am obsessed with all things high-waisted as well, it just creates such a fun proportion to play with. I will also admit that for much of my vintage clothing I need to wear granny panties so there aren't a bunch of weird lines going on. I'm all for the granny undies. Can't wait to see the new pieces you picked up as well!

  6. These plaid pants are amazing. I love the top that you paired with it as well. If Cher from Clueless was a tomboy, this would be her look.


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