A little bit of grunge and a Bornpretty review

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So, the weather is shit again! Yay! And just when I was starting to think that I’d need thicker shades to hide the sun, because it made my computer screen all white and crappy. Sometimes bad weather is good, especially when a new episode of “The walking dead game” just got released!
Almost shed a girly tear during this episode…Oh, the damn feels!!!!!!! Have to say though, my current group is worst group evaaaah!  Really want them to die already!

Outfit of the day was a rather stupid idea, because my waist got so cold I thought I’d need a kidney transplant later. Luckily my kidneys are intact and I can show you the new goodies I got from Bornpretty. The super sweet and kind Lynn, sent me two new gorgeous accessories which I received 12 days later. Considering where it comes from, that’s what I call light-speed shipping!

The jewel in the crown is this fancy multicolored bullet rivet necklace. I think it was made for the sole purpose to be worn with my Asos cropped top. Look at them, they look exactly the same! Even boyfriend, who can’t tell the difference between a dress and a skirt, noticed the resemblance. 

The second goodie is this punk river chain bracelet. I’ve wanted a bracelet like that for years and I’ve seen them only in Malls. As my resentment towards Malls grew larger every month, the bracelet craving was left for better days… perhaps, a zombie apocalypse. 

Overall my impression with Bornpretty, can’t be more positive. Fast shipping, quality merchandise for extremely low prices and kind, and thoughtful customer service is all there is to say about their store. Plus, If you’re thinking of buying from them, you can use my 10% off coupon code: KEITMC10.

What do you guys think? Have you tried them out already? 

Bracelet and necklace- c/o Bornpretty, Cropped top and high waist jeans- Asos, Plaid shirt and beanie- Nowistyle

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28 thoughts on “A little bit of grunge and a Bornpretty review”

  1. I think I do recognize both of those goodies since I have browsed their whole range of jewellery multiple times. and yes, I agree that their quality is great (I mean, with those prices it's even wow!) and customer service lovely as well. probably the best I've experienced during different collaborations (Oasap, Sheinside, Choies, Chicnova). but anyway, I like crop tops and I like this outfit. you have achieved the perfect balance here – long pants, crop top. not too much bare skin for March 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. yup, they're definitely a kind bunch of people over there! They were quick to respond and so nice all the time. YAY NICENESS!

    You are rocking your candy bullet necklace, Keit. 😀 I am just really relieved to hear that you didn't need to replace your kidneys. Those things are expensive!!

  3. haha i totally jump the gun on lighter pieces once March rolls by, too. i'm like "OH February is over? Well that must mean it's time for short shorts!!" Even though you froze this outfit is still mighty awesome. I love all the prints going on here- you have such a playful eye!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Oh so fabulous and gorgeous as usual! I laughed about poor boyfriend and the skirt/dress thing. Glad to know your kidneys are okay! I keep hearing good things about Bornpretty so soon I will check it out. Right now I am on a strict shopping diet.

  5. Не знам как си оцеляла така облечена в студа, но със сигурност си замръзвала със стил 🙂 Признай си от къде е ризата, за да не се налага да я крада 😀


  6. I'm kind of in love with how perfect that necklace pairs with your fun shirt. The print on your shirt is awesome! It's too bad you were freezing while wearing it. I really like how the print looks with the plaid shirt tied around your waist too. Overall a very cool outfit! I've never shopped at Bornpretty, but I may have to check them out!

  7. Without trying to sound cruel, I belive you freezing was worth it, you rocked this top and even managed to look like you weren't suffering at all 😉

  8. always love colorful outfits. I remember when I was a teenager I hated yellow, matter fact I think I hated colors overall. And for the last three years I'm becoming a yellow-obsessed!
    Speaking of Walking Dead the game, I still can't bring myself to start playing the Second Season. Losing Lee was hard enough lol

  9. Aaaaaw, I definitely needed some of your color-splash-outfit-stuff! You look gorgeous in that awesome pattern-mix. I should get some more pattern into my closet, too, I guess. 🙂

    XX, Sara.

  10. Ha! Love the line about your boyfriend not knowing the difference between a dress and a skirt. My other half thinks mascara is something you wear all over your face. Men, eh?! You were very gracious over the missing prize lady, I'm gonna send you something myself next week. Just hope it doesn't get lost on the way!! X

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