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Yesterday I spend the whole day outside (big surprise for me too guys, life’s a mystery) and after 5 hours with having only one tiny slice of pizza, I started behaving like a lion, but without its pride and beauty. What was left was irritation, anger and just plain pain in the ass attitude. Boyfriend gets really scared when I’m hungry. Imagine it as a cute as a button, sugar coated pony with ice cream rainbows instead of wings, smiling and running down a rich, green meadow. Suddenly a dark cloud blocks the sun and the happy singing flowers, only to uncover a rusty colored, hysterical, paranoid horse, with dripping tar and fire from its forsaken black wings and shooting laser beams and blood from its yellow, glassy eyes. This is my metamorphose when the tummy is empty. Usually our conversations proceed as followed: “hey, wait, I wanna look at those phones”- “they’re ugly, my feet hurt, the sun is shining too damn much, and whats up with this thing”. The thing being an unbelievably cute, squishable puppy with huge loving eyes, following me around.
Do you guys have an absolute necessitiy that you need, in order to function properly? Like a hot shower? Or comfy shoes? Brand new, cotton undies?

Fashiony part: told you the black is coming 😀 Skirt from H&M, top from second hand. Sadly, tah camera is not that good and black turns out a bit like a blackish blob, oh well.


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63 thoughts on “A black blob with pink hair”

  1. LOL your comparison was one of the most beautiful things I've read. It truly paints a picture in one's mind. 😉 baahaha. Hope I don't ever see you when you're hungry! <3

    I adore that asymmetrical skirt and those boots!! Those boots are amazing.

  2. your hair looks perfect! nice combo with the bag btw 😉
    black and red always work well with each other and same here.
    about your question.. I'm not sure but when I'm hungry I need good food for instance and I don't like doing anything when I'm hungry and my stomach is screaming for food 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Stooooory of my life! Нямаш представа какво мрънкало ставам като съм гладна… или някой ми е изял десерта ;_;
    *walks and talks like a robot "feed me! feed me!"*

  4. Hehe…this is something i have in common…i read it out to the boy and he thought it was something i had written…i go bat shit crazy without food…lovely post…seriously in love with your hair x

  5. I always end up laughing my head off by the time I finish reading your posts, you are just insanely funny and wicked!

    Heh, on to the fashion! I always end up lusting after this skull belt of yours, he's such a angry skull! I think your pink hair really translates into your style well, it's punk-ish and sweet at the same time. (And that skirt! Oooh, you have such long legs, every time I see you rock a skirt like this, I think I can too! And then I see myself in one like it and it's just not a pretty picture.)

  6. Здравей! Тъкмо попаднах на блога ти и направо се влюбих в стила ти. Начинът, по който съчетаваш цветове и материи… А и новата ти прическа е чудесна.
    Фололвам те на мига! Ще се радвам, ако хвърлиш едно око на блога ми и споделиш мневието си. Пък, ако ти хареса – новите фололър-и са винаги добре дошли <3

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