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We took these photos right before the weather turned into a snowpocalypse, so don’t be traumatized by the sneakers and the peeking meat from my neckline. It was warm, sunny and filled with annoying people who were in love or in self-loathing. Now the snow is falling horizontally, yes, this is a thing, and the streets are filled with the quiet murmur of curse words from people going blind from all the special snowflakes entering their eye sockets. So romantic!

This skirt was custom made from an awesome Bulgarian store that designs the most beautiful ballerina skirts. I choose the color and length and they deliver. It is exactly how I envisioned it in my vacant head – a voluminous shape, dark cherry color and layers of lustrous tulle. 
I’ve wanted a ballerina skirt for years and when I finally got my hands on one, I decided to style it in a weird and quirky manner. Although I love the classic combinations of the ballerina skirt with heels, crop tops and lace I wanted to make an interpretation that was slightly more different.

And so I did, but I’m not quite sure I like it. Sometimes, when Mars is being a dick and the universe is being a dick also, and natural forces are particularly behaving like sadistic dicks, I start feeling negative about my outfits. Sometimes I am more than excited when I create an ensemble and after we take photos, go back home and look at them I think “Wtf, I don’t like it anymore!”. I’m having mixed feelings about this look, but I want to share all my outfits with you, even the ones that may be regarded as fails. There’s no point in shielding myself and pretending I’m perfect, cause my cats are my witnesses, I’m far from that!

So, like it or not, here’s the outfit of the day! The idea behind it was to mix pieces that were punk chick and yet keep a sophisticated angle with the ballerina skirt. Something like Avril Lavigne, but without the perfect hair. So I snatched a blue t-shirt, layered a checkered green shirt on top and tied it into a knot. I enhanced the punk vision by wearing sneakers and accessorizing with a multicolored bracelet and a black cuff. I also wanted to wear a different bag, but this was the only one that could fit my huge camera, so I had to succumb. 

And there you have it, a ballerina – sneakers – punk – chic – kind of – thing! Btw, I’ll be making a Five Ways to Wear post with the ballerina skirt, so stay tuned next week! ^_^
And do tell, do you like this outfit? Do you have days when you don’t like your outfit or when you’re having second thoughts about your style?

Ballerina Skirt – Eddel, Cuff Bracelet – Choies, Shirt – Second Hand, Bag – Nowistyle
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21 thoughts on “A Ballerina Skirt With Sneakers”

  1. Why don't you like it anymore? Is it because "it's been done before" and stuff?

    I personally think it's a fun outfit and I like it a great deal — I'd wear it without hesitation.

    When I'm not loving my outfit, which happens regularly seeing as I'm a creatively challenged slob, I try to focus my thoughts on my other qualities Also, I always find badly dressed people endearing. Whereas someone who's dressed to the nines and never ever has a bad outfit day, well, I suspect them of being evil.

  2. I don't even know why I don't like it anymore, I think it's maaaybe because I can do better? I don't know! 😀
    Oh yes, people with no bad outfit days and no bad hair days clearly made a pact with the devil! 😀

  3. Perfect skirt 😀 I'm thinking about outfit like this for days, ballerina skirt with sneakers (got some new converse like sneakers with stars print) but the weather is just annoyingly afwul. Anyway I like your interpretation. Love that checked shirt too 😉

  4. I love these colors together! The skirt is so deep and dark and the shirt is so commanding and bright. 😀

    Everytime winter sets in I feel less and less comfortable in my style and confidant with my outfits. It's like the cold saps all the creative out of me, like it almost becomes a chore to take risks. Also because before we moved I had NO money to go out and thrift new, exciting pieces, so it begins to get boring wearing the same things over and over. That's such a first world problem, isn't it? XD



  5. Just give it a while and look back and I guarantee you'll like it again. I do this OFTEN! Go off my clothes I loved before I shot them. But later I come back in love again…mostly.
    Maybe you feel you didn't quite achieve the look you had in your head, but from this side it looks super cute! I'm glad you got some sun for a while. Of course my favourite part of this outfit, apart from your cute self, is/are the sneakers! 😄 xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Aw, I feel you on that, there are so many times this has happened. I usually ended up sharing the photos anyway too, because to hell with it right? Haha, we aren't perfect, so why pretend to be?
    Though I think you're wrong, because you manage to pull off this eclectic punk chic look you put together! And that skirt is so crush-worthy. Can't wait to see the 5 Ways to Wear post featuring it! 😀

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. I share the outfits I end up not liking as much too. Sometimes I look back on my post and love the outfit again a year later though! I think your new tulle skirt is a gorgeous color. I love how full it is and how you paired it with the contrasting green top. I like the mix of styles going on in this outfit. I definitely feel the Avril Lavigne vibe!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  8. There is nobody who is a real human who has only perfect hair and outfit days. I like this combination and I like you more than Avril so I think you are doing it better. Oh yes, often I take a picture and look and an outfit I thought I liked is suddenly revealed to me as horrible. At least half the time, probably. I take my pics before I go out though, and look at them in the little screen thingie (technical camera language that is) so I might then change what I am wearing. I kind of hate it when I wear an outfit out and then at the end of the day I find something that would have made it work better. Then I am all bummed that I didn't wear that.

    But back to you…..I like the way you paired the colours and the casual shirt with this skirt and the sneakers. I am sure the cats loved this outfit too. xoxoxo

  9. yeah, of course I've had outfits that I later look at and think "wow, what happened here??". sometimes I think like that when I look at a specific piece I was wearing. so yeah, you're not alone. and I really like your ballerina look. that bright green checkered shirt is just the best piece to highlight the burgundy of your fluffy skirt. I love their combo! oh and snow again – that sure sucks!

    Maiken – Part of me

  10. I would wear this outfit. I've never had a true tulle skirt, but sneakers and button-ups tied in front are some of my all-time fashion favorites!

  11. Hahaha I know what you mean about hating an outfit after looking at the photos or just hating it after a couple of hours, happens to me way too often =/. But girl this look is amazing like your skirt is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with the green top and laid-back sneakers. Too much cuteness!! Can't wait to see the 5 ways to wear post!

    istylelooks blog

  12. Haha <3 You have such a way with words. I could see everything you described. 😀 It's hard to believe that it snowed so badly not long after these photos were taken. It actually looks like nice Spring weather. I love that you dressed down a tulle skirt with a shirt. You make the style look so chic. I've tried that look before and felt like a goofball. =[~

    – Anna


  13. Yes! You are right to mention Avril Lavigne! I think you sure looked like her in this outfit. She's quirky. She's cool and I like her just like I like you! =)
    I have gazillion of days that I feel like I look like shit. And, those were the days when I just fit into jeans and a tee and NO PICTURES will be taken! LOL!

  14. 1) good god why is it still snowing by you?! 2) this is completely punk chic, you totally nailed it 3) I hate when you fall out of love with an outfit after the fact. Sometimes it looks sooo much better i person, and kind of off in pictures. I always get bummed out after that because I thought I was a styling genius and it turns out…not so much. Blarg. I still think you look cute though 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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