(◕‿◕✿) You don’t need an excuse to be a princess <3

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Hello cruel world! It’s been a while since I have eaten or taken a shower, so you know what time it is! Time for a new MMORPG addiction. I prefer games, during which I am able to smoke, and this one hits the spot! The fact that I am writing this post instead of leveling up is astonishing. I have been customizing my character in Blade & Soul for half a day and since I am home alone whole week cause I’ve got the flue, the only activities worth moving my arms for is pressing the keyboard and petting the doge.

And now presenting the princess warrior Jaffa, she likes getting caught in the rain and vodka with chili peppers.

I have one reservation only towards this game and it’s my current outfit.

I want you to have a closer look at exhibit A:

Let’s have a closer look:

Do you see what I mean? The only thing missing is an arrow pointing to her ass, goodness grief. Put a cloth on that! How am I supposed to fight if there is a slight breeze? Please if someone has an account, give me moneyz so I can buy a decent outfit!

Today’s post shockingly is not dedicated to my new obsession, although I’d love to take a few precious hours of your life to explain why this is the best thing since free porn, but alas. Today we will focus on the innate need of mostly every girl to be a princess. If you are a lady and you do not wish to be a princess, do not worry, I’ve got this covered as well!

The best thing about pretending to be a princess is the weird faces I make. Behold the mighty awkward female, trying to camouflage herself with a puffy cloud instead of a skirt.

I am sporting here a new plaid shirt which is comfy to the extremo, not to mention I’ve been wearing it dozens of ways and it never gets old. The skirt is from Remix but the brand is originally Hell Bunny. These guys have the coolest vintage pieces and initially I purchased the skirt as a plan for a Halloween outfit, but pairing it with the shirt like that towns it down so I’m thinking of wearing it daily.

This whole outfit made me feel like a princess, a practical, city princess, with a sophisticated plaid shirt and tons of bruises on her legs. She said it was vodka, but it was actually her, bumping into objects, because she dumb.

Most people might think this is not an outfit for a daily use and you’d be right! But so is blue hair, and I’m not planning on going bald. My point is, life is too short to keep your weirdness locked at home, embrace it, sooner or later it gets the best of us anyways!

Skirt – Remix, (Hell Bunny), Black and white shirt – c/oSimshion

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2 thoughts on “(◕‿◕✿) You don’t need an excuse to be a princess <3”

  1. Кейт, страхотна си! Чета те от години, но за първи път пиша коментар. Страшно се радвам, че се върна към блогването и стилът ти е все така възхитителен. Имаш невероятен усет за цветове и пластове и си много различна от другите български блогърки – с три думи – глътка свеж въздух.

    1. Най-милото нещо, което съм чела! Много ти благодаря! ^_^ Hugz and kissies!

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