Growing out the pixie haircut


Crap! I hate my freakin hair!!!! Growing out the pixie, should be renamed “your hair is aliveeee”, because during the whole process, your hair looks like its going to escape from your head, and run into the forest to join some jungle tribe you never heard of. I am seriously confused by the whole styling …

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Dressestylist giveaway winner + oversize mustard, potato sweater

All Personal Style

And the winner of the 80$ gift voucher is….this is so exciting: Sausan Hanifah ( Congratulations Sausan, you’ll have a shiny new dress. 🙂 You will be contacted by Dressestylist soon. Fashiony part: Outfit of the day is consisted of my favorite mustard, granny sweater, (which looks like cut potatoes, yummy) and Dressestylist dress underneath. …

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