DIY denim jacket with studs


Weird, this week I woke up with the feeling of doing something productive…. shocker! As you already know, I’m a fan of procrastinations, but I guess today the Moon was in the appropriate position and activated my, as you humans call it, passion. As a result I present  you a crappy DIY. I’ve always wanted …

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How to style the Pixie haircut


One thing I’ve learned about the Pixie is that it’s a constant pain in the ass when growing out. You have to posses nerves of steel when it comes to short hair. At first it’s all glamor and cheese, unicorns and fluffy bunnies, but a few months later, when your head has grown the size …

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Instagram Potato

All Personal Style

Since I lead a very uneventful and uninteresting life, I think an instragram week of me watching telly would be too much for you guys.  Actually my whole  instagram week could be summarized into this: Here it is all vintagy and shit So instead, I chose to share with you  the adventures of  my best …

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